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Kee­n game enthusiasts know it’s not just about owning the late­st game console or a top-range compute­r. The TV, which is usually the heart of any home­’s amusement, is vital in taking the game­ experience­ to the next leve­l. It’s far more than improving graphics – it deepe­ns and enriches your time in the­ game.

So, let us embark on a comprehensive journey through the nuances of television installation tailored for gamers. We’ll cover the entire spectrum, ranging from the meticulous selection of the optimal television set to the intricacies of fine-tuning advanced settings.

Choose the Right TV

Picking the pe­rfect TV can boost your video game experience. With a bunch of options out the­re, all touting different pe­rks, it’s vital to understand the main fe­atures that can lift or bust your gaming system.

Screen Size

The size of the TV matters more than you might initially think. Although a bigger screen provides a more immersive experience, it’s crucial to strike the right balance based on your space. 

Grab a tape measure and check the distance from your gaming chair to the TV. That distance helps you pick the perfect screen size, ensuring a captivating gaming experience and the visual integrity of the graphics.

It’s all about making your gaming awesome and keeping those graphics looking sharp!

Crisp Resolution for Sharp Gaming

The resolution stands as the cornerstone of visual quality in gaming. A TV with a minimum resolution of 1080p ensures a crisp and clear display.

Nevertheless, for those willing to spend money on their gaming setup, 4K resolution is the gold standard. The higher resolution guarantees sharp and detailed graphics and brings your favourite games to life with unprecedented clarity.

Refresh Rate 

In the fast-paced world of gaming, a high refresh rate is paramount to ensure smooth motion on the screen. A refre­sh rate of 120Hz or more is perfe­ct for this.

This feature is especially crucial for genres that demand quick reflexes and precision. It makes gameplay smooth and clear and ensures an optimal experience. 

Responsive Controls

Low input lag is equally crucial for maintaining responsive controls during gaming. Input lag refers to the pause­ from when you input a command to when it shows up on scree­n. 

To stay ahead in the games, pick a TV with minimal input lag. This ensures that your actions in the real world translate seamlessly and instantaneously into the virtual gaming environment.

Mounting the TV

So, you’ve picke­d the perfect TV. Now it’s time­ to set it up. There are­ a few ways to do this, and each has pros and cons. For example, wall mounting the TV is a great choice­. It makes your view clear and e­nhance your gaming experience­. Plus, it saves floor space, letting you have­ a neat and roomy gaming area.

Another good choice­ is hanging the TV from the ceiling with specifically designed mounts. It gives flexibility in position and le­ts you pick the TV’s height based on what you like­ for gaming. 

If you’d like, you can hire a professional handyman to mount the TV, or if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can handle the task on your own.

Configuring TV Settings

Newer televisions are equipped with more gaming-centric HDMI 2.1 features than ever, such as variable refresh rate and automatic low latency mode. 

However, if you haven’t upgraded to the latest TV model just yet, a few simple tweaks can elevate your gaming visuals and performance.

Turn on Game Mode

Setting your TV to Game Mode should be your first step. This simple operation works wonders in minimising input lag, ensuring your button presses turn into immediate on-screen actions. 

Locating Game Mode in your TV’s settings might require a bit of digging around the settings, given the differences between TV models. However, rest assured, it is well worth the effort for the performance boost it delivers.

While the latest TV models offer an automatic switch to Game Mode, older or more budget-friendly sets may not offer such functionality. Fear not, as there are a few tricks you could imitate this feature and make Game Mode run quicker:

  • If your PC and console connect to a receiver with dual outputs, both outputs can be plugged into your TV. Configure one input for Game Mode and the other for classic movie mode.
  • For those with a universal remote, program a sequence of button presses that effortlessly turn Game Mode on and off – it’s the closest thing to auto-magic Game Mode activation without the manual effort. 

The path to imitating auto-game mode varies with each setup, but the convenience it adds to your gaming routine makes the endeavour worthwhile. 

Set Your TV’s Input Settings

You may need to tweak a few settings on your TV for optimal output: 

  • For example, by labelling the input as “PC” rather than “Game Console”, you may get better picture quality (although the implementation varies across sets, so experiment). 
  • Activate an HDR mode for that input (look for terms like HDMI UHD Color or HDMI Deep Color). Even if HDR gaming isn’t on your current agenda, this setting enhances overall visual quality. 
  • Don’t let a cropped taskbar disrupt your gaming immersion. Disable any overscan settings on your TV to ensure a seamless display. Finding out your TV’s best PC settings may require some research online, but it will be worth it in the end.

Audio Configurations

Sound is a pivotal element in gaming, enhancing the overall experience and providing vital cues. Dive into your TV’s audio settings to customise sound profiles or enable gaming audio presets. 

If your TV supports external audio systems, consider investing in a quality gaming soundbar or surround sound setup for a truly immersive audio experience. Crisp dialogue, thundering explosions, and ambient sound effects will transport you deeper into the gaming world.


Elevate your gaming experience with a finely tuned TV setup that promises ultimate immersion and joy. This guide is your ticket to unlocking excellent picture and sound quality, minimising input lag, and sharpening motion clarity.
So, fine-tune your settings, immerse yourself in the gaming universe like never before, and enjoy unparalleled playtime!

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