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Classic Log Cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park and near Skiing, Lyons  – Updated 2023 Prices

Having a vacation house could be a dream for some people because they can stay there to relax and have fun. For example, instead of leasing a small space for camping with their children, they can just get a piece of land and build a room. If you can invest in this, then you’ll surely have to spend more activities with your family.

For small pieces of land, it would be a great idea to build log cabins that would be perfect when you’re fond of outdoor events. It could be an ideal place to have a picnic with the kids and escape from your busy city life. Indeed, it’s a good way to experience a simple routine but you’ll love it once you’re done setting up everything.

You just have to choose a reliable company providing Handcrafted Cedar Log Cabin Kits in the area. They should have experts in building and setting up cabins so that you don’t have to worry about installations by yourselves. Thus, the first step for this project is to gather information that can help you choose a style tailored to your preferences.

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What’s a log cabin?

It’s simply a rustic house made of logs or lumber. Finding them in countryside areas or near the mountains and farmlands is usual. But they are ideal types of accommodations in campsites and beaches. 

Originally, these homes were built by loading logs in horizontal position and locking their ends using notches. These are tightly notched so that gaps can be minimized and won’t require fillers. Before, we didn’t normally use nails but nowadays there are several ways of enhancing the structure’s stability.


  • Made of wooden logs as its main material, such as cedar, maple, oak, cypress, pine, etc.
  • Customized based on your preferences and availability of raw materials.
  • Structures can be protected with a solid stone foundation.
  • Sizes depend on the kits available.
  • Animal skin was used in ancient times for doors and windows but today we can use glass.
  • Flooring will depend on your preferences, thus, it could be gravel, wood, or tiles – visit for further reading.
  • Aside from wood roofs, you can customize and install your preferred type.
  • A fireplace made of bricks or stones could be used for the heating system.
Log Home Packages & Cabin Floor Plans | Log Cabins For Less

Log Cabin Kits

Everything that you need in constructing your log cabin is already included in the kit. Let’s say that these are packages with all the materials that are often ready to assemble. That’s because the parts are already prepared or pre-cut.

That’s why if you’re planning to get one, make sure that the providers will give you a complete set. Since cedar is known for aesthetics, it would be a good choice for wood. If you don’t want to assemble them by yourself, then choose companies with experts who can work on this project.

These kits usually include:

  • Interior and exterior wall logs.
  • Fasteners, caulks, and paints.
  • Roofing systems, such as shingles or membranes.
  • Materials for frames, decks, doors, windows, flooring, and porches.
  • Upgrades for request.
Allwood Cabins Escape Cabin Kit | 113 Sq. Ft. | One Room – BZB Cabins

The Perks

Whatever your reasons are for getting one, you’ll surely benefit and enjoy this investment.

  1. It’s a dream home for some people and since it can be customized, you can add a personal touch. You’re a part of every decision, from picking the materials, style, and décors. Thus, consider these kits a masterpiece, especially with the help of expert wood crafters – read here for more info. 
  2. Choose providers who can show you a blueprint since frameworks are essential in-home construction. You can see from the layout how these are done by professionals. Therefore, make sure that they can assist you in accomplishing this project.
  3. Sustainable materials such as cedar wood are usually available. So you don’t have to worry about manufacturers running out of kits for your cabins. It would be great if they also offered eco-friendly resources, such as solar panels for power generation.
  4. Since these kits are customized, it would be easier to find a package that fits your land. Sizes vary, thus, you’ll surely get something that suits your budget. This could be a more affordable option when it comes to house construction projects, but it’s an investment that won’t empty your pockets.

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