The Top Five Garage Door Seals for Keeping Out the Elements

Your garage door is one of the essential parts of your home. Not only does it provide security and protection from the elements, but it also enhances your home’s curb appeal. You have many choices when shopping for a new garage door: materials, style, insulation, windows, and more. But one of the important choices you’ll make is deciding which type of top and side seal to get. This blog post will guide you in choosing the proper garage top and side seal for your home.

Types of Top and Side Seals

When choosing a top and side seal for your garage door windows, you have two main choices: rubber seals and vinyl seals. Both seals are effective at sealing out weather, dust, and debris. However, there are some critical differences between them that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

Rubber Seals:

  • They are made from EPDM rubber, which is durable and weather-resistant
  • Are less expensive than vinyl seals
  • They are black, which can clash with some garage doors
  • It can become brittle and crack over time in extreme temperatures

 Vinyl Seals:

  • They are made from PVC vinyl, which is durable and weather-resistant
  • Are more expensive than rubber seals
  • Come in a variety of colors to match your garage door’s style
  • They are more flexible than rubber seals, making them less likely to crack in extreme temperatures

Tips for Choosing the Right Top and Side Seal

Now that you know the basics about rubber and vinyl seals, here are a few tips to help you choose the right one for your home:

1.     Consider Your Climate:

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you’ll want to choose a seal that can withstand heat and cold. Vinyl seals are a good choice for hot climates, as they won’t become brittle and crack in the heat.

2.     Think About Style:

If your garage door has a particular style, you’ll want to choose a seal that matches. For example, if you have a modern garage door, you might want to choose a sleek vinyl seal in black or white.

3.     Don’t Forget Functionality:

While style is essential, you also need to make sure that the seal you choose is functional. Measure your garage door before purchasing to get the right size.

4.     Get a Professional Opinion:

If you’re still unsure which seal is suitable for your garage door, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion. A qualified garage door contractor can assess your needs and recommend the best option for your home.


Choosing the right garage top and side seal can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! By following the tips in this blog post, you’ll be able to select the perfect seal for your needs. Keep in mind your door type and its dimensions when deciding. And if you’re still not sure which seal is best for you, reach out to a professional for help. With these tips in mind, choosing the right garage top and side seal will be a breeze!

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