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The Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful place to live, with a wealth of natural beauty, great beaches and great weather. There are plenty of options for building granny flats on the Mornington Peninsula, with lots of different types of property available.

However, there are some things you need to consider when looking at this type of property in order to make sure that you get more return on your investment.

Here are some tips to save money when building granny flats in Mornington Peninsula:

Get an architect

An architect will have experience designing granny flats and will also be able to advise on any local regulations that may apply to your project. The cost of employing an architect will vary depending on whether they do all or just part of the work for you (e.g., designing only part of the structure and leaving you with the other part).

Use reclaimed materials

Many old houses have bricks, tiles, and other materials that can be used in your new home. Look online or ask around to find out if they can be reused.

Consider a co-op board home

If you’re looking to build a granny flat and live with a partner or spouse, check out co-op boards for affordable housing options in Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

Shop around for builder options

The cost of building your granny flat can vary depending on who you choose as your builder and how much work they do for you. Find out what each builder offers before you commit to any contracts at all.

Don’t overdo it when it comes to landscaping

Remember that extra costs will be involved, such as trees and fences. However, if you decide to go ahead with landscaping, make sure that it takes place after construction so that nothing gets damaged during construction time. Also ensure that all plants have been chosen carefully beforehand and are suitable for the area where they’ll be planted (remembering this might affect their lifespan).

Choose a location that is not pricy

Location is always key when it comes to buying property. You want to buy somewhere that will give you the best return on your investment and location is one of the biggest factors in this. The Mornington Peninsula has lots of great opportunities for building granny flats but each one will be different depending on its location and proximity to other properties or areas. If you want a beach front property then it may not be worth buying as most people want a beach front home because they can enjoy the views from their living room window instead of having to walk out into the cold ocean water.

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