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Many homes have experienced the problem of pest infestation. Pests or bugs can quickly enter your house from small cracks and openings in windows or doors. While fixing or replacing doors or windows might be expensive and time-consuming, it would be best if you considered a Pest Control Company to eradicate pests from your home. 

Apart from professional pest control services, a common issue reported by many people is often related to pest problems occurring after storms or floods. You might be aware of dealing with pest problems during calm and clear weather. But, likely, you might not be aware of which common pest problems occur after a thunderstorm or flood. 

Common pests found after a storm: 


  • Rodents 

A storm or a flood can permanently damage rats and mice from their native homes. After the storm, rodents like mice and rats will try to find a drier and higher ground to live in, such as your home. It would help if you kept in mind that rodents can enter your house from holes and other small spaces. 

Watch out for rodents after a storm. You can identify rats and mice by finding droppings or hearing rodents from a wall. It would be best to keep your kitchen and the apartment clean and ensure there are no leaks and holes from which pests can enter. 


  • Ants 

Surprisingly, you will likely encounter ants after a thunderstorm. Ants might relocate after a storm and try to find a dry place. If you experience more ant activity after a storm, you should hire a pest control company to fix the problem by identifying the access points. 

Killing ants might not be the best solution as ants can keep coming into your house. It would be helpful to kill ants and clean up the trails they left behind as a more effective way to eliminate ant problems after a storm. 


  • Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes are known to be found in stagnant water. Pest problems related to mosquitoes can likely increase if they start laying eggs in or around the area of stagnant water. A storm will increase the number of times you will encounter mosquitoes. 

The storm disrupts the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It would help if you cleaned up any rainwater lying around your home in basins, buckets, or rain gutters. Such an instance can help prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs and taking over your home. If these pest problems are challenging to deal with after a storm, you should contact a professional pest control service to eliminate the issue. 

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