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An armoire is an adorable cabinet that cannot only store your belongings but also beautify your room. When it comes to packing and moving, the best approach is to hire the Movers San Rafael to get your armories perfectly packed and move. If you are considering DIY Packing and moving then you must need to exploit the right tools and an appliance truck for your transition. Gather the bubble wraps, duct tapes, blankets, and the dolly, and then empty the entire armoire before you start your packing. Anything left behind will only increase the weight so the better step is to empty it completely and clean the dust and debris from it.

If your armoire has glass doors, then unscrew the hinges and take out the glass. While removing the screws, keep all the screws in a plastic bag so you don’t face any difficulty using them in the future. When it comes to the wrapping of your armories, you have to fully pad the top and bottom of the piece and secure it tightly with tape. The accurate padding will keep the piece protected from scratches and if you want to completely cover the armories then place it in the center so that it lifts up evenly front and back.

Apply the tape on all sides and do not tape the armoire’s finish to keep yourself secure from any future issues. Tape the cardboard to provide extra protection and leave the drawer in the unit by making sure that there are no heavy items in it.  After packing the armoire perfectly, now use an appliance truck to move it to your new residence and hire the moving service to start your transition process.  So, you have completed the packing yourself, now hire the movers to safely deliver your belongings to your new home.

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