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Need any ideas to build your Granny flat designs Mornington? We help you make your choice. Indeed, when you want to build your house, it can quickly become a real headache. Imagining the plans is not an easy task, everyone’s tastes must coordinate to please everyone.

So, we have researched the most beautiful house architectures for you. From the biggest houses to the smallest, there will be something for everyone, and above all for every budget.

The Tiny house:

This little house called the “Tiny House” is ideal for most travelers among you. This small construction clings to the car and can be moved everywhere like a caravan. You can then take all your comfort on your travels. With the appearance of a small doll’s house, it remains functional all the same, which allows you to live there with several people.

A contemporary house:

With their very linear architecture, they are often in neutral, gray, or white tones. You can choose black bricks to accentuate the modern effect or bet on a flat roof which is the signature of this style of building. These constructions rely on simplicity with rectangular or square shapes.

The windows are often the touch of originality of the property. Elongated or square, they bring dimension and allow you to be both inside and outside the house. They are often accompanied by a swimming pool which accentuates the linear effect of the architecture.

For the exterior, you can add white and gray pebbles at the foot of shrubs and plants. This contrasts with the color of the plants and helps camouflage the earth, which often stands out in the landscape.

A house with an ethnic style:

Here is a new house idea in an ethnic style: they are often located in the sun, in hot countries. But why not bring them to us? To do this, you can bet on textured walls in warm tones to recall the sun. Add to that a cubic architecture and your home will look like it has traveled.

Plants, such as cacti, for example, will add the necessary touch of greenery to your Granny flat designs Mornington. In addition, this plant requires very little maintenance. You can combine your construction with a wooden pergola to add character. It will also allow you to eat outside while being sheltered. It can also add an open room to your home.

Also, think about playing on the shapes of the openings. It is interesting to add arcades in the Moroccan style for example. This expands the space and makes it easier to move around the house.

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