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Would you want to add some ethnic art to your interiors? It may be an artistic game-changer for your room to include minimalist desi features into your design. This post will provide some low-cost decorating suggestions that give your living room design ideas a desi glitz.

One of the most enjoyable and challenging jobs for every homeowner is decorating their home. The majority of Indians like the traditional interior concept, however as the population has grown, small dwellings have caused Indian interiors to become more minimalist. One may simply add a desi flavor to their modern residences with ethnic décor items without breaking the bank. Although the complex wooden furniture designs appear to be the ideal way to portray the classic concept, they are not practical or cost-effective for every home.

You will learn in this post how even small modifications can transform the entire atmosphere and how to use distinctive design elements to make a room exude Indian grandeur and wealth. Wakefit offers you a dazzling selection of living room furniture to pick from, all of which will embellish your living room beautifully. In order to improve your mood and create the ideal comfortable space to unwind, add a touch of glamor to your house with whimsical furniture for the living room.

Here are some affordable ethnic house décor suggestions that will undoubtedly appease all cultural enthusiasts:


  • Old-style sideboards :


Without sideboards and storage cabinets, no Indian home is complete. The key to our products’ enduring endurance is safely keeping them. Every Indian home has décor pieces like sideboards and cabinets. So why not give it some classic flair? Give your retail units a desi touch by choosing elaborate carving or jali design. By doing so, you can accomplish two goals at once: Creating a rustic atmosphere while providing your home with the essential items.

  • Folk art statues:

India is a country rich in culture and art, and there is so much folk art available that you could use it to adorn your entire home. The focal point of your minimalist flats’ Indian design may be one of your display units or an ignored nook. To create a traditional focal focus for your room on a budget, group colorful folk art figures together and place them in such places. Figurines are a terrific method to display eclectic folk art, which has a variety of beautiful elements that may easily charm your visitors.

  • Elegant Lighting :

Lighting can significantly alter the ambiance of your decor and is one of the most affordable methods to both improve the current appearance of your decor and modify its viewpoint. The finest lighting in the form of a lantern represents Indian style, therefore Moroccan hanging lights with patterns and mosaic lights would be the most diverse lantern lighting options.

Such lights’ elaborate designs produce a beautiful, textured glow that would be an elegant approach to light up your decor. Such components will undoubtedly offer your rooms a desi appeal by enhancing their aesthetic worth.



  • Set a Royal Mirror Frame there :

Mirror frames are a luxury in and of themselves, so using them as a design piece as living room wall decor ideas is a great way to increase the attractiveness of your interiors on a tight budget. Indians’ passion with wooden carvings is a clear indication of how much we Indians yearn to adhere to our ancient aesthetics. To add a Desi Touch Up to your area on a budget, use elaborately carved wooden mirror frames.

  • Beautifully crafted Jharokhas :


India has had a long tradition of artistic creativity. The value of wood, particularly Sheesham wood, can be observed throughout India’s artistic heritage. The easiest approach to add desi drama to your decor is by purchasing exquisitely crafted wooden furniture. Wooden Jharokhas are great wall shelves to liven up your boring interiors since they not only symbolize the ancient artistic features. To add opulent traditional features to your home while staying within your budget, use jharokhas with intricate carving.

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