What is the Cheapest Month to Buy Propane?

Fall is upon us! Although we’ve been experiencing unseasonably warm weather lately, cooler temperatures mean crisper days ahead. Late September and early October are prime times to order propane deliveries. Prices are typically low during these months, and the cooler weather will make for more affordable propane¬†for your heating needs. Here are some tips to make the most of propane prices in these months. Read on to discover the cheapest propane month for your needs.

First, check the inventory of propane in the U.S. Compared to last year, inventory is lower this year, and this translates to cheaper front-month propane prices. In addition, look at propane prices in out months, such as March 2021 to April 2022. This is known as backwardation in the trading community. Prices tend to flatten out over the winter, then backwardation during the spring.

To find the lowest price, compare prices from several propane companies. For example, if the propane company you are working with offers a lock-in price or a cap-price plan, it’s possible to lock in the current price for your tank. By locking in this low rate, you can save money in the long run. Check with the propane company about the conditions of any discounts you may qualify for.

Another good time to buy propane is early fall. As temperatures are stable, there’s less chance of sudden cold snaps. And with low demand, propane prices will be cheaper. Make sure you schedule your propane delivery during the fall so that you have the right amount of propane ready to go when the cold weather hits. While it’s true that propane prices rise higher during the winter, buying it in the fall and early winter will save you money.

While propane prices are generally low at any time, there are some fluctuations in the market. If you don’t plan ahead, you may find it harder to save money by buying propane during these times. Keep in mind that the cost of propane varies throughout the year and season, so make sure to compare prices in the same way before making a final decision. Buying propane in the colder months will help you save money, but it will make your wallet unhappy.

The price of propane fluctuates dramatically from month to month, so it’s hard to determine a single cheapest month. Prices can go from $0.85 per gallon in October to $3.07 in February. However, a few months may make a huge difference when compared to a few months later. The price of propane is also affected by geography, and delivery costs. If you live in a rural area, propane prices will likely be higher at the end of December than they were in the winter.

If you plan on ordering propane in bulk, you can save hundreds of dollars by ordering it when you need it. If you plan on buying large amounts of propane in the future, you may want to opt for automated delivery services. These services fill your tank on a predetermined basis. While this may be less expensive, you could run out of propane unexpectedly. To find out which month is the cheapest, contact the propane gas company to know about the market price.

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