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Wrought iron fences are incredibly popular with a variety of homeowners. Not only do they clearly define your property, but they can also keep outsiders out and ensure that you have some privacy to yourself. When shopping for your wrought iron fence, you might be surprised by the many options available. While some people want their fences to have a plain, minimalist appearance, others prefer a more fashionable tone.

In order to understand your options, it’s important to research the various wrought iron fence styles available in the market. Once you understand the options, you can better choose the right fence.

Arched Design Tops

Wrought iron fences with arched tops have a classic style. Designs today are mirrored to look like Roman and Greek architectural history. They may give your property a Victorian or neo-classical atmosphere. This is why arched top fences are frequently regarded as having an ageless and charming beauty that contributes to the value of your home. These fences are designed with an arc or semicircle linking a succession of vertical post pairs that make up the fence. Individual tastes can still be accommodated by changing the design.

Closed Metal Designs

This form of wrought iron fence is distinguished by closed sections created by the presence of pickets between the fence’s vertical posts, as the name indicates. The area between the rails can be fully closed up – resulting in a closed metal gate; however, this will restrict visibility. You might want this option if you prefer your yard have increased privacy. It is important to discuss all designs with your fencing contractor to ensure you purchase a design you will enjoy.

Wrought Iron Fence, Ornamental

This wrought iron fence can be embellished with logos, arches, medallions, and other decorative elements to enhance its visual appeal. Ornamental wrought iron fences were particularly popular in the past when artists painstakingly carved out artworks on fenceposts, and they are still popular today. This option allows homeowners to put personalized emblems or representations on their gates. More importantly, decorative wrought iron fences can be powder-coated or adorned with various adornments.

Wrought Iron Fence, No Frills

Wrought iron fences with straight tops offer a clean, minimalist appearance. This ironwork is simple and sophisticated and frequently created with security in mind. The design of this fence usually has highly pointed finials on the fenceposts, giving it an arrow-like look.

Any wrought iron fence you choose will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your property. Then you may take it a step further by adding a garden landscaping element to the home. This would improve the overall visual appeal of your room and turn it into a mini-paradise.


Wrought iron fences are no longer a luxury item reserved for the rich. These fences are now quite inexpensive, and anyone who wants one may get one for a reasonable price. The longevity they provide is another reason many homeowners are leaning toward this option. Consider talking with your contractor to see if a wrought iron fence is a good choice for your home.

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