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ADUs or accessory dwelling units are a treasured addition to your property. If you’re looking for a sanctuary away from your day-to-day life, your best bet is to add a small unit like an ADU to your property. ADUs are incredibly versatile, and once they’re built, you can design the inside however you want, but let’s go over a few potential options for ADUs as sanctuaries.


For those that enjoy reading and writing books, an ADU is an excellent option to get away from the day-to-day and into your books. ADUs can be designed in any way you want, giving you the option to build a cozy little library. Your library can have as many shelves and cozy seats as you want, and if you’re building your ADU yourself, you can adjust the windows and lighting. This makes sure that the personal library you design is perfect for you.

Beach House

If you don’t live near the beach, you can craft a sanctuary designed around a beach house. By adding murals or paintings, you can trick your brain into thinking it’s looking out a window at a beach. You can also use interior design to make your ADU feel more like a beach house by incorporating seashell decor and furniture you would associate with a beach house. Beaches alo have quite a few sounds, and adding a sound system can increase the realism of your ADU if you’re trying to build a beach house sanctuary for yourself.

Cozy Cabin

If you’re not into books or beaches, don’t fret, ADUs can be designed around a cozy cabin-like feel. If you like soft candlelight and the feeling of being in a mountain cabin, this may be a great interior design option for you. Add in plenty of raw wood designs and anything else you’d like to ensure your ADU meets your aesthetic desires.

Styles Are Endless

The interior design styles you choose are your business, ADUs can be styled in any way you want, but you can’t design an ADU if you don’t have one. Acton ADU is an accessory dwelling unit building company, and we pride ourselves in bringing the vision for your ADU to life. We consider a variety of things you’ll need in your ADU to give you the best possible experience with your ADU builds to help you get the best out of your ADU.

ADUs are incredibly versatile and can be used in dozens of ways, but when you’re using an ADU as a sanctuary, there are endless options for making your own safe space. Finding a place where peace is the norm is a great way to increase your mental health while allowing you to be in a place that makes you comfortable. If you’re looking to build yourself a beautiful sanctuary, feel free to reach out to us today! Here at Acton ADU, we take pride in building the best ADUs for any needs, from remote offices to personal sanctuaries and so much more.

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