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No one is born an architect. You have to work hard to become one, and you can’t do it without the right skills and knowledge to back you up every step of the way. Looking to become an architect in Cheshire? Here are the top skills that architects need in order to successfully design buildings and properties in North Wales that look good and last long after they’re built.

Observation and Curiosity

The best architects are highly observant people. They constantly observe their surroundings and ask questions about what they see: How are these buildings positioned? What’s unique about these roofs? Why do these houses share so many features? They notice everything and anything, from architecture to landscaping, allowing them to create more precise designs. These skills are crucial for any residential architect or professional who works in residential design.

Attention to Detail

Landscape architecture is a big field. After you’ve landed your first job and start taking on projects from clients, it can be easy to forget about every detail of an assignment. The best architects know how to recognise every facet of a job, how to stay organised and focused throughout project phases, and how to communicate clearly with clients regarding expectations. Mastering attention to detail is crucial for landscape architects because a slight error in concept or execution can lead to major changes in budget or timeline.

Problem Solving Abilities

The ability to identify problems and develop a unique solution is one of the most important skills for architects. In fact, top architectural designers are able to solve problems in incredibly inventive ways. An architect also needs to be extremely well-organised and be able to manage large projects. A successful architect needs strong organisational skills and an ability to prioritise their tasks effectively in order to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks or slips through their grasp.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

With architectural design, you’re solving problems from start to finish. This often means designing based on problem-solving—asking yourself, What would be a good way to keep things safe and functional? If your client needs a new kitchen countertop but doesn’t have the budget for granite, are there ways you can create an aesthetically pleasing surface with less money and/or more practicality? Solving these kinds of problems regularly during design projects helps architects develop critical thinking skills.

Communication Ability

To be an architect, you must have outstanding communication skills. You will be required to speak with clients about their plans and ideas for their homes. You may also need to speak with contractors about changes to homes as well as speaking directly with builders when it comes time to build a home. As an architect, you need great communication abilities so that you can successfully explain your vision and design of a home to clients, contractors and builders.

Analytical Capabilities

Understanding your client’s needs, goals and vision is an integral part of being a successful architect. Without such insights, you risk creating designs that don’t meet their needs or objectives—and adding in unnecessary complications. Understanding your client’s needs is at once analytical and intuitive; while it may be challenging to see past specific demands to get to those deeper concerns, doing so pays off as you build a design that works best for everyone involved.


Being an architect is more than being able to sketch out a blueprint for a building. You have to work with clients, contractors, and contractors’ subcontractors to make sure your vision becomes reality. This can be stressful, but you’ll find greater success if you know how to manage those relationships from start to finish. As an added bonus, learning how to effectively communicate with colleagues and clients will help you throughout your career.

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