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Extensions are the most popular service offered by salons and spas. They can be done on your own hair, or you can purchase an extension piece to put in yourself. Extensions come in a variety of styles, textures and colors. The type you choose depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. Let’s know what are the types of extensions.

Clip-on extensions: These are temporary and easy to put on yourself at home. They consist of small clips that attach directly to your natural hair with tiny metal teeth, which grip tightly onto the root of each strand. Clip-on extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors and thicknesses and can be used for a variety of looks. However, they don’t last long — typically about three months — so if you’re interested in wearing them for longer periods of time, you’ll have to keep buying new sets as old ones wear out. Clip-in extensions are also known as “tape in” or “Velcro” extensions because they use a sticky substance that attaches to your natural hair by clipping onto it. The advantage of this type of extension is that they are easy to attach and remove and can be reused multiple times. However, they can be difficult to cover up and blend with your natural hair texture.

Fusion extensions: These are similar to clip-ons but they’re permanently attached to your natural hair using heat-activated adhesives rather than clips. This makes them more stable than clip-ons because they don’t slip out as easily when brushed or styled; however, fusion extensions take longer to apply than clip-ons. This type of extension uses heat and chemical bonding to attach it to your natural hair strand by strand. Fusion extensions can be very expensive but last longer than other types of extensions because they don’t cause damage to your natural strands over time. They do require a professional stylist who knows what he or she is doing when installing them; if done incorrectly, fusion hairpieces can cause serious damage to your natural strands in addition to causing damage on their own over time if not properly maintained after installation.

Wefted extensions are also known as sew-ins or sewn-ins. These extensions are attached to your natural hair using synthetic hair fibers that are hand-tied around each individual strand of your own hair. Wefted extensions can take hours to install but will last several weeks or months before needing replacement.

Micro braids are another type of extension that involves braiding small pieces of synthetic fiber into your natural hair in order to give it more volume or length. Micro braids usually have an elastic band at the end so they don’t slip out easily, making them ideal for people with thinning hair who want an instant boost in volume at their roots.

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