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Skip hire is a service that provides people with the ability to hire waste containers of different sizes and shapes, which can be used to dispose of rubbish and unwanted waste. The bins are delivered to the site by a skip lorry, where they are emptied by the operator and returned to their original position so that they’re ready for their next customer. If you’re looking to hire a skip in Farnham, here are some suggestions:

Getting the right size skip

When you want to hire a skip, it’s important to get the right size. Skip sizes vary between companies and are dependent on how much waste you need to dispose of. If you have too much waste for the size of your skip, don’t worry—you can just hire multiple skips at once!

If you’re unsure about which skip size is best for your project, contact us and we’ll be glad to help out.

Establishing if you need a skip permit

If the skip is to be placed on the street or in a public place, it will need a permit from the local council. If you hire a skip hire company that is not registered with your local authority, they may not be aware of this and could end up placing an unauthorized skip which could cause fines or even legal action against you.

Skips are normally cheaper if they remain on private property where there is less chance of them being removed by the council because they do not have permission to be there.

You don’t need a permit to hire a skip in Farnham for domestic use only; such as household waste removal or garden rubbish clearance services within your own property

Understanding your responsibilities and limitations

As a skip hire customer, you are responsible for what goes into the skip and how it is used. If you hire a skip in Farnham, the skip company will give you advice on how to use it safely and legally. However, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the skip being used wrongly or illegally by someone else.

You must ensure that:

  • the site where your skip is placed is accessible at all times
  • anyone who uses it has access to adequate lighting
  • no items are placed over any water course e.g., drains
  • no items are placed over any drain covers or manhole covers
  • no items placed in the skips will cause them to tip over when loaded with waste material

Choosing a hire company you can trust

When you choose to hire a skip in Farnham, it’s important to make sure that you are hiring a reputable company. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a skip hire company:

  • Check their reputation. Read customer reviews and feedback online and see if they have been recommended by other customers.
  • Check the credentials of the hire company. Make sure that they are registered with the local authority and have all the right paperwork available (check with your local council).
  • Ask about insurance cover – this will protect you if there is any damage caused by them or their employees during loading operations. If in doubt, ask!

Choosing a reliable and affordable skip hire service

As you may have gathered, it is not just the price that matters but also the reputation of the skip hire service. They should be licensed and insured to ensure your peace of mind if anything were to go wrong. The best way to find out about this is to check reviews online and see what their customers say about them. A company with a good reputation will definitely handle your goods professionally, be punctual and responsive when responding back with quotes or any queries you may have for them.


Skip hire in Farnham is a necessity for anyone carrying out building or home improvement projects. It allows for waste to be removed quickly and easily, and is a cost-saving alternative to landfill which will benefit you in the long run. There are many factors to consider when hiring a skip, such as size, price, and location. When planning your project, it’s important to learn about these factors so you can make an informed decision and choose the best option for your needs.

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