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Do you know the stress and anxiety that comes with a storage unit cleaning? It’s not always an easy task to empty a storage unit that you have inherited, bought at auction or haven’t seen in years.

This article will show you how to clear out a storage area, how to sell or donate items, and how to get rid of any leftovers.

Prep work

1. Take an inventory of storage unit contents.

First, scan the unit to take an inventory of everything inside. This applies regardless of whether the unit was inherited, bought at auction, or sat for months. This step might be faster and easier if you win the unit at auction.

Use the following steps to evaluate the unit:

  • Note down everything you notice. You can use a pen and paper to quickly note large items that you are able to see. To estimate the time it will take to clean out your home, count the boxes you have and note how many you need to sort through. Will you need extra people? This inventory will answer this question.
  • You can create an open space within or outside of the unit. This will be your processing area for step 3. You can use a temporary canopy to process items outside of the unit if there’s not enough space inside. You must clear out the unit and clean up any mess after business hours. Your staff cannot be blocked by anyone else’s unit.
  • Look inside available boxes. Take a look inside as many boxes as possible and make a quick inventory. If the boxes have been labeled, skip this step. If you find something important, fragile, or significant, make quick notes beside each box.

Knowing what you have to do before you begin sorting the items is a good idea.

2. Enlist help from friends and plan a day to declutter.

It’s important to be prepared for what lies ahead. You can choose a time and date to clean out your home. Once you’re done, make sure to bring along moving supplies, labels, sorting bags, and other necessary items.

Make a mental note of these things before you start cleaning out your unit:

  • What time do you require? Don’t underestimate. It may take you more than one day just to clean your storage unit. You should plan accordingly so that you have enough time and energy to complete the task.
  • How do storage unit auctions work? Determine how long you will need to empty the unit. It is possible that you will need to empty the unit right away and then sort through the items in a separate place.
  • What number of people will I really need? Sometimes it is helpful to have multiple people on hand. Ask for help ahead of time and make sure you have the right support. This includes emotional support (if cleaning out the unit of a loved one) and extra muscle.
  • Is there an emotional attachment? Cleaning out sentimental items can be overwhelming. This is normal.

Clean Out

3. Sort stuff into categories like keep, sell, toss.

The Four-Box Declutter Method can be used to efficiently sort through and clear out large quantities of items. This technique uses four empty boxes to sort items: a keep, donate/sell box, a store box, and a toss box.

  • The Keep Box contains items that you can take out of your storage unit and bring home.
  • The storage box holds things that will remain in storage.
  • For items that you intend to donate or sell, you will be provided with a sale box
  • The last box in the box is a trash box that will contain anything beyond repair.

4. Stay on task and get the job done.

Not completing the task within the timeframe is the biggest mistake in storage unit cleaning. You may need to hire a professional organizer if you have gone through all the steps above and still are stuck. A professional organizer who cleans up areas for a living can help you stay on track and prevent you from becoming distracted. Even people who are task-oriented can become distracted.

Cleaning out estates is a task that professional organizers can help with. Professional organizers don’t have any attachment to the items stored in their storage units. They can help you make rational decisions on whether to keep, toss or sell the item.

These are some key points to keep in mind when decluttering:

  • Do not attempt to tackle large areas in an arbitrary manner. Take one area at a while and then move on to the next.
  • Make sure you have a place for all the things you are removing from your storage unit.
  • You can take on the challenge of getting rid of junk and other unneeded items. You can think about ways to get rid of things so that you don’t make a mess.

Content Removal

5. Find creative ways to get rid of storage unit stuff.

It might be a good idea to rent the storage unit for a month if you have valuable items. Following the above steps, the storage unit should be divided into four sections: toss, keep and store. Sell/donate is the fourth section. Once the organizing stage has been completed, it is time to take everything out.

Move items in the order listed below:

  • Remove all trash from the unit. Next, take out any extra waste.
  • To donate items, contact your local thrift shop to arrange a pickup. You can load a few items into your car and take them to a donation center.
  • Now, load your car.
  • Finally, you can move the items that are being sold to another location. If you have the time, store them in a storage unit or move them to another location.

6. Sell items from a storage unit.

You have many options to sell your items from a storage unit. The entire unit could be sold through an auction company or each item could be sold individually. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are two popular online platforms. Selling on Etsy or eBay is a good option if you have valuable items.

You could also have a garage sale if you prefer to go the traditional route. You can ask your storage manager if there are any flea markets.

7. Hire a junk removal company if necessary.

Many companies will help you remove storage unit contents from your home without you having to do anything. If you don’t have someone to help or aren’t physically able, hiring someone can be very helpful.

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