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Blinds are perfect for maintaining privacy on your property, but they aren’t constantly captivating the attention. Curtains, however,carpets in Dubai provide lots of favor at the same time as making your home feel at ease and warm. Both varieties of window treatments have their professionals and cons, but if you’re a renter, you’re typically caught with one or the opposite. It has to be that method, though: no matter your situation, you don’t have to select between curtains and blinds. 

Get the fine of each world by placing curtains over blinds? Right here’s a no-drill (study: renter-friendly) way to effortlessly cover your blinds, along with vertical blinds, using window brackets or command hooks. (No anxiety rods right here—in nearly all cases, anxiety rods received in shape over blinds.)

Before you begin

Measure the period and width of your window earlier than putting blackout curtains Dubai. The duration is a great deal of fabric or which curtain length you’ll want, and the width will inform you how long a curtain sticks to buy. As a standard rule, buy a curtain rod that’s a few inches longer than the width of your window to make sure it’s solid while you dangle it.


To make your area appear larger, don’t forget to strike a curtain rod above your window and hang long curtains to provide the ghost of the top.

These ideas for putting Curtains without Drilling Will save your partitions

What you will need

Gadget / equipment

    • Materials
    • Fabric curtains
    • Curtain rod
    • Two curtain rod brackets or adhesive hooks (aka Command hooks)
    • Two screws (for brackets)
  • Materials
  • Device/tools
  • One screwdriver
  • One tape degree


Substances and equipment to grasp curtains over blinds without a drill

Install Brackets or Adhesive Hooks

You can prepare curtain brackets for your wall or install them for your head rail. The head rail is the line that runs horizontally on the pinnacle of your blinds. A few products are specially made to be installed on head rails, so purchase the ones if feasible. Putting in the brackets at once onto the head rail removes the want so that it will drill holes for them on your border. Most curtain stands will come with the screws you’ll want to put onto your head rail. If not, you should purchase fundamental screws at your nearby hardware store.

Installing curtain stands on your blind head rail is best to hang curtains over vertical blinds. Venetian blinds may additionally look higher if you install adhesive hooks at the wall on both sides of your window. If you move the hook course, make sure the themes you purchase can maintain a minimum of 5 pounds. And if your curtain rod is weighty, you may need more than two adhesive hooks to preserve it in the area. Insert a third above the base of your window to assist in maintaining the rod in the region.


Please don’t use a tension rod to hang curtains over blinds because the rod gets within the manner of the blinds and prevents them from opening and final well. Anxiety rods cannot protect plenty of weight, either; this means that you may best use very lightweight curtains on anxiety rods. Brackets or command hooks are the first-rate no-drill manner to move.

Head rail brackets screwed into the wall with screwdriver

Put fabric Curtains on, Curtain Rod

You may purchase pre-made curtains or stitch your personal when you have stitching skills. In both manners, you’ll need a pocket going for walks the period of your curtains to thread the curtain rod thru it. Pull your curtains taught on the rod to begin, making sure that they can be near throughout the rod and window.

The material curtain slid across the white curtain rod 

Region. Curtain Rod on Brackets or Hooks

Next, hold your curtain rod by setting both ends securely in a bracket. Ensure the rod is positioned evenly to your wall or window and the curtain is balanced. Strive to establish and maintain your curtains and blinds to ensure the whole lot is functioning the way it ought to.

Stop of curtain rod placed on the wall hook

The mixture of blinds and curtains will let you manipulate the light for your space. You may open both to let in natural mild throughout the day; however, near them while you want to get some shuteye.

Mixed curtains and blinds also decorate your privacy. Curtains on their person can be easily opened inadvertently, permitting buddies to glimpse inside. With blinds and curtains, you must fear any privacy breaches. That lets you focus on what you’re doing without stressing about what’s happening outdoors.

Plus, the curtains are downright handsome. With the capability of blinds and the softness of curtains, which you may customize to shape your space perfectly, you’ll have privateers, light management, and style.


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