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Studying a foreign language is a great investment for the professional world, and personal life since contact with a new language also means knowing and understanding a new culture.

With the possibility of contacting professionals from other countries, events, and studies in a second language, companies have given preference to professionals who are fluent in English. In some selection processes, the interviews have questions using the foreign language to know the candidates’ level of knowledge and how they do communicate in English.

Knowledge of the language, academic background, and work experience are used as tiebreakers between candidates. Even today, there are people in good positions in companies even without knowledge of a foreign language. However, today’s market requires contact with other countries and cultures, so it is essential to reinforce your competitive edge.

When it comes to having the best English course on your resume, professionals need to watch. Learning this new language can bring benefits at cultural levels and at professional and student health levels. As well? Understand:

  1. English Is One Of The Most Spoken Languages ​​In The World

Whether from a marketing point of view; or in everyday relationships, speaking and understanding the English language is essential to stand out and expand the way of seeing the world and its infinite possibilities.

  1. Helps To Earn Better Salaries

Professionals who master the English language can get salaries up to 70% higher. Mastery of the language helps to conquer prominent positions. After all, the higher the level in the hierarchy, the greater the demand for knowledge of English. In the case of expanding companies, English also helps in the relationship with partners and suppliers from other countries, which makes the employee even more valuable to the company.

  1. Contact New Cultures

Professionals fluent in English usually make professional trips abroad, having contact with other cultures. Knowledge of the English language allows you to communicate in the best possible way and have the opportunity to get to know different cultures, which is essential for the relationship with clients from other countries, if necessary.

  1. Allows For New Academic And Professional Opportunities

Studying the English language can directly and positively interfere with your academic and professional life. Mastering a new language can bring great opportunities that will perpetuate throughout your professional life, increasing the chances of winning different jobs and positions with more expressive salaries.

Studying this new language allows:

  • that you take proficiency tests and earn certifications for your resume
  • study on doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships in other countries
  • take distance courses at higher education institutions around the world
  • have access to differentiated content that can help you professionally
  • increase your network of contacts and sources of information
  1. Strengthens The Brain

Scientific research has proven that learning a new language helps to strengthen the brain and improve brain functions throughout life. Among the health benefits of learning a new language are:

  • development of the facility to perform tasks in less time
  • keeps the brain and its cognitive part active
  • memory improvement
  • improves perception levels
  • improves the ability to make new decisions

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