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Using a used forklift may sometimes sound odd, and finding a used forklift dealer can be challenging; however, after knowing the potential difference between procuring a new one or going in for a used forklift, you may safely decide for the latter. For instance, the workload of material handling for your type of job is not more than 4 hours a day. 

In such eventuality, the best option is to contact a dealer that offers used forklifts for sale; one of them is Sun equipment forklifts. You can consider used forklifts in great condition instead of the new ones; check the link:

Let’s understand the difference between New Forklifts and Used Forklifts!

New Forklifts V/s. Used Forklifts: Which one is the Best?

1: Price

A new forklift comes with a more upfront price. On the other hand, the used forklifts come for a substantially lower price. Maintenance cost is of utmost importance when deciding on a used forklift; if various parts of the forklift are not properly inspected before buying, the maintenance cost may defeat the purpose of buying second hand. 

2: Operational Condition 

This is the primary factor concerning the used and new forklift. New forklifts are in perfect operating condition and shall render a problem-free operation for a long time. But if you go to a used forkliftyou can get the used forklift that may be in any condition; therefore, while inspecting the old forklifts, you need to ensure that there are no tracks of the following:

  • Damage
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Battery fault
  • Fluid leaks
  • No sign of underlying fault

Always insist on a condition report listing hours, age, and major maintenance and issues in the past. Fewer periods ensures less trouble.

3: Usage and Applications

Besides hours operated, you need to know the kind of work it had performed and the extent or period it was engaged. The thumb rule says, if you have a workload for 4 hours a day, choose a used forklift; otherwise, have a new one. Half the initial price for old forklifts is worth investing in, considering the capacity utilization. 

4: Special Requirements

If the older job requirement continues, you can have a used model. But, if extra height is required that could not be handled by the older one, you should go in for a new forklift.

5: Warranty of New Forklift

You save money on expensive repair costs. With new ones, you usually get a warranty of 12 to 36 months. Used Forklifts may give you a 30-day warranty, also for specific parts. 


While buying a used forklift, you may choose from LPG, diesel, or electric operated. This aspect has an important implication for your business. For your initial information, a used Toyota Forklift 2016, 3 Ton capacity with a lift height of 4 meters with three months warranty and solid tire heights is priced at $27,000 exclusive of GST. A new Forklift of XCMG 7T costs $52,950 exclusive of GST. 

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