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Fencing adds modesty, privacy, and protection from mild weather elements to your deck. Fencing will help you feel safe and secure, as well as adding an attractive feature to your garden. Here’s are some of the best fencing tips to use:

Decide on your Purpose of Fencing

First and foremost, you need to decide on your purpose in installing a Guildford fencing. Is it for privacy or protection? Is it just for style? Do you want to keep your dog inside? Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your fence, you can determine which material would work best for you. For instance, if privacy is your main goal, then a solid wood or vinyl fence is the way to go. If you have a dog that likes to wander off, then a chain link or picket fence might be more appropriate.

Have a Plan

To start with any project it is important that you know how much material you need for the job. Before you can calculate what you will need, you have to have a plan in place of where everything will go in your yard. How much do you want to block off? Where? You should also take into consideration how high or wide the fence will be. Once you have collected this information, it will be easier to get an estimate of what material you need.

Choose your Fencing Style

Choose among different styles of fencing. The most common are solid board fencing, post-and-rail fencing, lattice panel fencing and picket fencing. They differ mostly in style and cost but serve similar functions. For example, lattice panels add a decorative look but don’t do much for privacy and security. Solid board or high-density composite fences offer more privacy and security but are not always as attractive as other types. You can also find fences with decorative features, such as curved rails.

Contact a Professional

You can install fencing yourself, but you may be better off hiring a contractor. A contractor is used to measuring and installing fences in accordance with local regulations. You may end up paying more than you expected if you don’t know what you are doing.

Use one Type of Wood

Keep it simple by using one type of wood throughout your garden for a uniform look that is easy on the eye. Alternatively, you can choose two different types of wood which contrast with each other for a modern look which will add interest to your garden design.

Know and Mark the Boundary

Before starting a fencing project, make sure that your property lines are properly marked so that there is no confusion as to where your property ends and another begins. This is especially important if there is no fence currently in place on your property line. You don’t want any conflicts with others over land ownership rights if it can be avoided.

Add a High Fence

One way to provide privacy is by building a high fence around your backyard. Make sure the fence is built high enough so that people cannot easily look over it. There are several methods you can use to add height to your fence without changing the height of the fence posts, however this will depend on whether you have solid or hollow posts in place. You can also consider using lattice with larger holes, so you don’t lose any visibility while maintaining privacy.

Build a Solid Fence

If you want a solid fence for maximum privacy you can choose from a variety of materials including timber, steel and aluminium fencing. You could also opt for vinyl fencing which will never need painting or staining and will not chip or peel over time. Vinyl fencing is available in a wide range of styles including picket fences, shadow box fences and decorative lattice top fences similar to wrought iron fences.

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