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We understand that it can be exciting and stressful to move to college or return for another year.

Most college students have tight budgets and must make every effort to pay for their housing.

There are many ways that college students can save money while still being efficient in packing and preparing to move to college.

Pack Effectively:

  • When packing for college, organize your items according to purpose
  • You can pack heavy items in smaller boxes, which are easier to transport
  • Older clothes and towels make excellent padding materials
  • You can store your belongings in sturdy containers or plastic containers.
  • You can label your boxes clearly so that you know exactly where to find them.
  • To protect your valuables, make sure you have a lockable luggage

Ways to Move:

  • Ask your family to help If your college is within an hour of your home, this is a great option. You will have secured transportation and help to unload and take your belongings to your bedroom.
  • Renting a moving truck. Renting a moving truck is necessary if you plan on moving to college from out of state. You will need to pay the rental rate, fuel, insurance, parking permits, and tolls.
  • Hiring Movers This is a great way to find reliable moving companies and to get an estimate of your moving costs. It may also be the best option for students who are moving to another state.
  • Shipping items from campus You can ship your belongings to college before you move – check the policies of your college for shipping items and make arrangements.

You should feel at home, even if you’re far from home.

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