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Bathrooms should always be kept as clean and tidy as possible, especially if you live in a multi-occupancy home. Viruses, mold and hard water deposits can build up over time, and if not cleaned frequently, can even cause harm to anyone using the bathroom.

One of the best ways of ensuring your bathroom is always clean, is by cleaning it a little every day, or you can give it a deep clean once a week.

Whatever way you choose to clean your bathroom, here are some simple steps for getting the job done swiftly, but more importantly, effectively:

Take everything out

Take as much out of the bathroom as you can, to give yourself easier access to all of the surfaces for cleaning.


Those pesky spiders get everywhere, and you can bet your bathroom is no exception. Take a long-handled broom or duster and give every corner of the room a good clean; it’s important to always start at the top and work your way down, otherwise you’ll make your job more difficult by having to sweep or vacuum more than once.

Once the ceiling and walls are swept clean, vacuum the floor or sweep it.

Apply a cleaning solution to bathtubs and showerheads

Depending on the condition of the bathtub and shower head, you may need to apply an acid-based cleaner that will get rid of all the dirt and hardwater deposits. Leave the solution to work for up to an hour before scrubbing and rinsing off.

Vinegar can work wonders on showers – especially tiles and glass – but be sure to ventilate the room adequately when using cleaners with a strong smell so that the fumes don’t overwhelm you.

Clean all other surfaces

Take a cleaning rag, sponge or cloth, and use it with your favorite cleaning solution to wipe down all surfaces including shelves, doors, towel holders and windowsills. Start at the top and work your way down, and take care not to leave any inch unclean, otherwise you can guarantee this will be the one spot you notice every time you use the bathroom!

Clean the vanity and sinks

Using a disinfectant spray, coat the faucets, sinks, countertops and vanity and leave for around 10 minutes so that it can properly eliminate any germs that may be lurking there. Wipe it all down once the 10 minutes are up, and check for smears or smudges.

You can use a combination of water and vinegar to clean any glass items, such as mirrors, and then wipe down the inside of the vanity, too.

Tackle the toilet

This might be the bathroom cleaning task you dread the most, but trust me, you ignore it at your peril! Ideally, you should be cleaning your toilet – in particular the seat and flush – every other day as your house cleaning routine, but if you’re more of a once-a-week person, then spray the entire toilet with a disinfectant spray and leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes before wiping it down. Stubborn stains may require extra soaking and scrubbing. Pour bleach into the bowl and leave for a few minutes before flushing.

Mop the floor

Check that you don’t need to vacuum or sweep one final time, and then mop the floor with your favorite cleaning solution. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before placing any items back inside the room.

And there you have it, a clean bathroom in next to no time! If that’s still too much time or effort for you though, simply hire a cleaning service and they’ll get your bathroom hygienically clean, as often as you want.

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