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Blocked Drains Melbourne | Blocked Drain Plumber Melbourne

The drainage system is a basic need for every household in Reading. It is the one that is responsible for keeping the sewage and harmful water and chemicals away from the house. Now, since they are at this pivot position in the households, they are bound to have extensive usage. This causes them to get clogged by the accumulation of waste materials after some point in time. These blocked drains Reading can be real trouble as they hinder the drainage of water.

This is why residents require drain services. These services ensure that the drains keep on functioning for longer periods of time. Here are the different types of equipments that can be used for cleaning drains.


These are basic cleaning equipment for drainages and are in fact also known as snake cleaners. They come in two different formats where one is in manual mode and the other is motor-driven. Both of these designs use long and flexible cables that are inserted and fed into the drain pipelines. This causes them to reach the clog and clean and dismantle it with the help of brushes or other scathing material that is attached to their tip.

Cleaners using air-burst

As the name suggests, these devices use the burst of air and its contained gases to break through the clogs. These units are used for directing the flow of the pressurized gas into the direction of the clogged material, where it dislodges the stuck waters and the clog through the use of immense pressure.

Water jet

In this process, high-pressure water jets are used to clear the clog. The high-pressure water pushes the clog across the pipe, thereby, clearing the clog.

It is also better to pour warm water at regular intervals to prevent oil and grease from getting stuck to the pipe walls.

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