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Carpets experience plenty of foot traffic, spills, and other mess [pets, kids, or guests]. It can start looking dull and worn out. Frequent vacuuming allows keeping them looking and smelling best. However, to keep them spotless there is a need to hire a carpet cleaning professional for shampooing, encapsulation, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and bonnet cleaning. 

Steam cleaning eliminates 90% of dirt and bacteria as well as neutralizes allergens but takes long to dry as water is involved. Encapsulation is better than shampooing because not much chemical is left behind after the dry powder is vacuumed but not effective on heavy carpet messes. Dry cleaning has no downsides like steam cleaning. Lightly soiled carpets can benefit from bonnet cleaning [surface cleaning].

Subflooring replacement will depend on the material, room size, and labor charge. For high-end material prepare to pay nearly $900 for a small room and add $30 per hour against labor. If you are struggling with squeaks and creaks, there is a need for subflooring replacement. Subfloor material cost per sq. foot –

  • Plywood – $1.50 [an affordable option]
  • Warmboard – $7.00 [high brand allows for heating system installation]
  • Amdry – $3.00 [a mid-tier material]

Expect to pay a minimum of $200 against labor and other material on small flooring repair projects. You can replace the subflooring yourself but hiring professionals is more beneficial. Besides, removing the old material and replacing it with the new sub floor needs experience and knowledge about the best materials and understanding if there is a need for setting moisture barrier. 

Busy homeowners look for professional house cleaners to maintain a clean home. If you need a professional house cleaning service then ensure to find a reliable one. You also need to make sure that the house is uncluttered or this can hinder their cleaning activities. For efficient cleaning, pick stuff lying on the floor. Always give the home cleaners clear instructions like knock before entering your bathroom or bedroom. 

If you prefer eco-friendly products request them before hiring. Ensure to put valuables and crucial documents away to make the maid feel more comfortable while cleaning or to avoid losing. Talk politely with housecleaners as they are humans. Even if they make some mistakes understand them and be patient. It is crucial to build a good relationship, especially when you want a house clean frequently. 

Proper indoor home improvement planning is essential because it can rapidly get derailed in terms of budget and time. Avoid cutting corners by choosing a contractor for your home renovation project. Before you go in search of a great remodeling contractor plan your project needs and budget. With preplanning, you don’t need to make alterations halfway during the project. 

Ask for references from trusted sources and check online reviews. Prepare a list and request quotes. Getting hold of a reputable and experienced contractor takes time as he is in high demand. You are about to make a considerable investment in your home renovation project, so it is worth waiting for a reliable contractor to get an exceptional job completed.  

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