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The roof of a building is one of the essential elements that keep people safe from harm. Natural disasters like rain, snow, and wind can all cause significant damage to buildings without proper protection. So, having an installed quality shingle on your home will make you feel more confident in knowing it’s sheltering overtop against these unpredictable events. For that, we have mentioned the best roofers in Lancaster, PA, that can help you achieve the exact quality you desire.

Amor roofing and renovations, LLC

Armor Roofing takes customer service seriously. They work to be a business people want to work with, and they instill their core values of sincerity, cleanliness, and communication in all their team members. Their company operates using free consultations that deliver honest assessments of homeowner needs and opens communication throughout the process. They strive to protect your home from any potential harm and make sure you stay safe within your house, no matter what the circumstances. They certify to work closely with all their customers and keep them in the loop throughout the process of renovation, which gives them a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.  

Moser roofing solutions, LLC

Mosey Roofing Solutions is a full-service company that specializes in commercial roof repair and installation. They help you keep your business up to date by giving expert advice and offering competitive pricing packages to fit any budget, sector of size, or scope. They also provide personalized customer service with every project they do under one roof. Whether you are in need of rood repair, installation, or maintenance, Moser makes sure to provide you an accurate assessment to deliver you an exceptional-quality roof. This family-owned business holds the integrity and craftsmanship of a leading business in the industry. If you are looking for a roofing constructor in Lancaster, this should be one of your top considerations. 

Burns Home Improvement 

Burns Home Improvement is one of the leading roofers in Lancaster, PA. their hardworking and talented team holds the capability to handle any project, no matter how big or small. Their diverse portfolio consists of everything from repairs to installation. Their offerings hold a perfect blend of quality craftsmanship, durable materials, and value. For more than 20 years, they have been working hard to preserve the integrity of their company and provide reliable services. They refuse to compromise on customer satisfaction which is what gives them an edge over their competition. Their licensed and insured professionals give their customers the trust they need in a company dealing with their roof. Their services are all about durability, design, and setting a benchmark of quality in the industry. When it comes to roofing, they make sure to exceed their customer’s expectations. 

Lancaster roofing company, LLC

To get the best roofing company in PA, you should call Lancaster Roofing Company LLC. They are experts at both residential and commercial roof repair as well as replacement. Their A+ rating by Better Business Bureau is indicative of their commitment to service excellence which will earn your business because they strive for 100% customer satisfaction each time a job gets done right–whether big or small. Their amicable staff makes sure to help you throughout the process in the most courteous yet professional manner. While their workmanship is meticulous, they offer a free inspection with an accurate evaluation which instills trust in their customers. They are licensed, certified, and insured, which makes them a highly acceptable roofer in Lancaster, PA. Lancaster should be your choice if you are looking for modern, safe, and durable products for your roofing.  

Greenawalt Roofing company

Greenawalt Roofing Company is a locally owned and operated business that has been in operation since 2004. They offer top-quality roof installation services for residential homes as well as commercial properties across the region, including Pittsburgh’s North Side neighborhood (close to Primanti Bros.), Downtown Harrisburg area (a few miles away from Legislative Branch), York County south of PA88 near Exit 38 on I80 Eastside Drive through Allentown) and Reading Business District). They fully understand the importance of a proper roof and gutter in your house, which is why they make sure to deliver an exceptional exterior to your house. They are friendly, professional, and trustworthy, making for all the qualities needed to be the top roofing company. 

Kautz Construction 

Kautz Construction takes pride in its 45 years of General Construction experience. Founder Gordy Kautz has taken this knowledge from carpentry and roofing skills to create a company specializing in all construction forms. Whether commercial or residential, big jobs like restaurants remodeling projects as well as small ones such as solar electric installations on homes with roofs made out of polyurethane film hold the ability to do it all. Kautz brings you more than just what most other general contractors offer because we have an extensive skill set for every project type. They tailor every project according to the customer’s needs and requirements to deliver a replica of their imagination. This roofing company should be in your top considerations for roofers in Lancaster, PA. 

The Exterior Company

The Exterior Company is an all-in-one service roofing contractor in Lancaster, PA, having a proud reputation for quality and professionalism built over many years. They provide repairs as well replacement services to all residential roofs or even specialty installations like exterior renovations on your home. They don’t believe in any shortcuts when it comes to the durability of the material. They offer the best warranties and top-notch quality in the industry. Their dedicated team members provide an accurate initial inspection and manage the construction in the best way possible. Their excellent reputation in the industry has made them the leading name in all their customers. 


The roofing company you choose should hold all the qualities and values needed to perform the best work. The companies mentioned above consist of quality workmanship, courtesy, honesty, and value. They fully perceive that you are investing in them, so make sure to make it worth your time and money. 

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