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Do you wake up in the middle of the night or the morning and find yourself looking for your bedside essentials on your bed or at random places? And, even though it is a daily affair, it seems super uneasy to find them. Well, that’s what our functional and modern Bedside Table Designs take care of.

While setting up your personal space, primarily the bedroom, people are often focused on bigger furniture pieces like the bed or sideboard or bookshelf and overlook keeping a bedside table. That is an absolute necessity.  

In the 21st century, a bedside table is assumed to be one of the most essential furniture commodities in the house, especially by interior designers.  

As the world has changed and switched towards technology, the utilities from spectacles, a glass of water, table lamp has been expanded to tablets, phones, kindle, and also the chargers for each. Therefore, this space of limited bedtime essentials has got crowded. But the designers never fail to simplify this mess with Modern Design. Designed in a manner to organize your bedside, these tables are a must-have in every home. Easily taking care of your organized self and keeping your mind at peace. 

A bedside table adds as a perfect furniture place not only for adults but also for the kid’s room.

Designed & manufactured 100% in India, Freedom Tree takes a contemporary dig on the classic bedside tables transforming them to meet every home’s inimitable signs. From a combination of traditionally vintage to contemporary chic styles, each piece is uniquely handcrafted by some of the most skilled artisans in the country. 

The timeless wicker charms and stylish secret storages with a retro blast, Freedom Tree’s Wicker Teak Wood Bedside Table & the Mod Wicker Bedside Table have been upped-a-notch. Complements the Rattan Wicker Bed beautifully. 

Freedom tree has an exclusive and diversified range for every kind of room. The range can be defined as an example of state of art, as it fulfills present-day space needs with great colors, patterns, and designs. So, without wasting any more time, do have a look at the collection of modern bedside tables online and finalize the most aesthetically appealing one for your room. Order online with ease and it shall be delivered to your place with utmost safety, robust quality checks, and in a hygienic environment. 

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