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3 Reasons to Choose a Water Treatment System | Apollo Home

Many homeowners wrongly assume that tap water is clean and safe for consumption. While municipalities adhere to standard filtration treatments, these are seldom enough to remove all impurities and contaminants. Dissolved minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants can cause serious health issues and damage appliances and plumbing systems. In this post, we are talking about signs that you need to seek home water treatment help

  1. When the water tastes bad

Standard filtration removes common toxins, but filtered water can still have dissolved minerals. If you have shifted to a new property where the water doesn’t taste ‘good’, you may need to consider a filtration system. For this, call a local water treatment service and get the water tested for contaminants, chemicals, and dissolved minerals. The findings will help in deciding the best filtration system for better-tasting water.  

      2. When you are using well water

If your house relies on a private well, you need to get the water tested for the presence of radon and chemicals. Radon is a radioactive natural gas, which is produced because of uranium decay in the soil. When ingested or inhaled, radon can potentially cause lung cancer. Also, well water can contain a considerable amount of dissolved minerals, such as lead and iron. If the radon levels are over above 4,000 pCi/L, an Aeration system can be considered. For basic filtration, carbon filters are enough. 

       3. When your clothes won’t look clean

People often blame the detergent or washer for damage to clothing items. However, it is wise to check the overall water composition of the house. If tap water contains high amounts of iron, your clothes may look rusty. A water treatment system can be installed at the main supply, which will help in filtering the water from the source point. 

       4. When you are dealing with frequent stomach infections

Water composition can be the cause of stomach infections, including diarrhea. If the occupants of your home are suffering from infections or digestive issues for no other apparent reason, get the water tested. Certain dissolved chemicals and minerals can cause contamination that’s not visible to the eyes.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead and check online for local home water treatment services. Some of these services can offer affordable testing, and you can take a call between various filtration systems after consulting their experts. Estimates are usually free with most known home water treatment services. 

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