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For the relationships in the condominium to be satisfactory, the ideal is always to proceed to avoid problems, but we know that this is not always possible.

Therefore, when a joint owner exceeds the limits, regardless of the type of situation (noise, animals, construction sites, etc.), the targeted neighbor, in this case, yourself, must inform the administrator so that he can take the initiative to talk to him.

First, a conversation, alerting you to the problem/damage you are causing and, if it is not successful, use the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. However, if, even so, this joint owner insists on the infraction/conduct, they can report it to the competent authorities.

In case of abusive works or the absence of them, the cameras are the first solution. In the case of noise or emission of smoke and smells, they should contact the police and only resort to the cameras, the General Inspection of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning, or the respective regional directorates. If the performance of these entities is not productive, or if someone suffers material or personal damage and wants to be compensated, it is best to file a lawsuit in a court of law or court against the offending neighbor.

As prevention remains the best remedy, the condominium at Blue Line MRT condo (คอน โด สาย สีน้ำเงิน which is the term in Thai) should create rules that protect everyone’s interests. Owners can prepare a document, condominium regulations, which defines the rules of condominium life. It is always possible, a posteriori, to include more rules that prohibit behavior similar to those that gave rise to recent disagreements.

The condominium regulations have the following functions:

  • Help discipline condominium life. For example, payment of a fine in case of non-payment of quotas/ban on clotheslines;
  • Help resolve possible conflicts. For example, in a dispute, the joint owners undertake to resort to an Arbitration Center and not to the Courts.

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