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The bumper protector is a product developed in EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), a satin vinyl foam. Installed on walls, corners, and pillars in garages, the bumper protector prevents damage to this part of the car in case of collisions or scratches and, thus, can keep its paint intact.

With the bumper protector for speed humps and bumps, parking in tight garages becomes much safer, as it is even possible to lean the car against the walls without any damage. Thus, the bumper protector promotes a more excellent economy because its use prevents the need for repairs and paintings on the car resulting from bumps or scratches.

More Information About The Bumper Protector

The bumper protector is developed in various measures, and its thickness, height, and width can vary. Thus, this product can serve many customers, offering safety and protection to the bumper of different types of cars, from the largest to the most compact. The bumper protector can also be made to measure, in which case the customer presents the model with the desired specifications.

The significant advantages of the bumper protector are its ease of installation and its tremendous cost and benefit. This product is sold at very affordable prices, and its maintenance is also low cost. Therefore, the purchase of the bumper protector turns out to be an excellent investment. With the bumper protector, it is also possible for cars to use the space in the parking space because they can lean close to the wall with much more safety.

Garage Bumper Protector

The garage bumper protector is the best solution to prevent damage to vehicles, such as the typical scratches and dents. Made of EVA rubberized material, the garage bumper protector is installed on the front walls in garages or parking lots to ensure that the vehicle’s bumper does not directly contact the wall and cushion any impact.

Many vehicles still do not have a parking sensor and, even those that do, need to rely on the skill of driving and caring for the driver, as spaces in parking lots and garages in condominiums are increasingly narrow. With the garage bumper protector installed, security is total, as the product also offers better space delimitation between spaces.

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