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When you want to change your windows, several parameters must be taken into account: the renovation technique (total or partial), the type of material, glazing (double or triple), opening (swing, tilt and turn, sliding, bellows, etc.).

Last question to ask and not the least is the eligibility of your future windows for the tax credit on the energy transition guides you step by step in choosing the right windows for your renovation project. Choosing the PVC windows in Cascais is perfect for selection.

Which Material to Choose (Aluminum / PVC / Wood)?

Choosing the right windows means asking yourself which material to use? Professionals offer windows in PVC, Aluminum, and Wood. Be careful, the material is not everything: the performance of a window also depends to a large extent on its design hence the interest in opting for a quality product and its installation. For home renovation in Cascais, Portugal the right windows are most important.

Which Glazing: Single, Double Or Triple?

When it comes to windows, should you opt for double or triple glazing? If this question arises during a renovation project, it hides another just as important. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account not only the performance of the glazing but also the performance of the window as a whole, that is to say the frame and the glazing.

When it comes to thermal insulation, it is therefore advisable to take into account the Uw coefficient first and foremost: the closer this Uw coefficient is to zero, the more protection against cold, heat and variations in outside temperature will be good. This is why the windows we install have a Uw between 0.69 and 1.36 W / (m².K). And if you want your home to meet the criteria of a passive house, the Uw coefficient of your windows must be less than or equal to 0.8 W / (m².K).

Technically, double glazing has made considerable progress in terms of both thermal efficiency and sound insulation. The thermal performance of certain new double glazing thus brings them closer to that of certain triple glazing.

The triple glazing is particularly recommended if the weather is capricious (temperatures very hot in summer and very cold temperatures in winter) or as part of a renovation to passive house. It is also possible to adapt the glazing according to the orientation of the house. For example: triple glazing will be recommended for rooms to the north. Triple glazing also reinforces the anti-intrusion capabilities of the joinery. Now that the Best door and window shop in Cascais are available, the options are open.

Renovation on the Existing Building

The installation in renovation (edging) consists in placing the new window inside the frame of the old one (after having edged, that is to say cut flush with the frame of the old joinery). The remaining part of the old frame is then dressed inside and out. It is recommended that you renovate your windows by cutting (edging) the existing frame. This technique has several advantages: it does not cause damage to your interior, it is fast and it allows you to preserve the brightness in your home.

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