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Being strictly up to date with the payment of condominium fees is not enough to be a good condominium. It is necessary to pay attention to the rules of living in a condominium, which, after all, are no different from the general laws of life in society. In addition to respecting laws and norms, it is essential to know how to use the rules of good manners, tolerance, good manners and exercise the right and obligation to take care of what belongs to everyone.

To have peace of mind and live in harmony with people, it is necessary to know the rules in force in the condominium. Otherwise, you run the risk of going through unpleasant and exhausting situations. You can also own your private park when you live in a condo with private park (คอนโด ที่จอดรถส่วนตัว which is the term in Thai)

Living in apartment buildings or gated communities may be safer than living in an isolated house. Still, it requires people to adapt to living more exposed to neighbors, sharing common areas, and sharing decisions. 


Residents who violate provisions of the Convention and the Internal Regulation are subject to penalties, which vary according to the seriousness and any damage caused and are applied by the trustee. Generally, the condominium warns the offender, but the recurrence may lead to applying a fine in the Convention or the Internal Regulation.

Suppose the offender persists and the case takes on more severe contours. In that case, the receiver must meet with the council and even call a meeting to resolve the situation before any judicial demand. The appeal to justice may be the final recourse.

Falling Or Hurling Objects From Windows

It is very dangerous, so the condominium must impose strict rules and punishments and hold those responsible for any material or personal damage (if they are minors, the parents are responsible). Vases and other objects placed on the windowsills are a severe threat. 

The manager is responsible for warning of compliance with the rules established in the Convention but cannot be held responsible for any physical or material damage caused by objects that fall from the parapets or are thrown through the window when the cause of the incident is not identified. The condominium is also not responsible for problems of this nature.

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