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When designing or redecorating your interior every element of your home is important and has a distinctive look and features to boom and beautify. Valances & skirting tender and fashionable, an elegance and sophistication to your bed, finely modified to last, which result in a compatible bedroom with a neat and beautifully finished look, right down to the floor.  Valances & skirting are not only used to modify the look of bed but they are also used to decorate sofa sets, tables and other upholsteries of your home as well. For covering your mattress base in a diversification, to put up with styles, there are elegant and ideal fitted shapes of valances & skirting.

Transform your bed selecting different Types of Valances Skirting

Valance and skirting are the elegant option to give your bed a neat and tidy finishing touch. When you use them around the bottom of the bed, it will help to hide your stuff and storage you place under bed. It will also be the decorative element and add a finishing touch to your bedroom, if you have a divan bed. To pick the right one for your bed, know the types of valance and skirting

  • Base Valances skirting

These types of valances are usually fitted under the mattress, covering the bottom of the divan bed smartly and giving elegance to your bedroom.

  • Sheet Valances skirting 

This could be the best option for every type of bed. Sheet valances and skirting covers both the bottom of the bed and the mattress. It acts as a fitting sheet.

  • Box Pleated Base Valances 

This type is available in distinctive material includes, poly cotton, percale and all cotton base valances.

This is best fit under your mattress and down to the floor give perfect look to your bedroom 

  • Fitted Valance Skirting 

This type of valances and skirting has the feature to cover your mattress down to the floor. It just looks like a fitted bed sheet and valance skirting all in one. 

  • Split Cornered Box Pleated Valances 

This type is the best option if you purchase a bed with foot. It can be folded under any side of the mattress. You can simply turn that end either side of the bed legs or underneath

  • Easy Fit Valances Skirting

If anyone has a problem in lifting the bed mattress after days to wash the valances. Easy fit valances skirting is the great option for you as it is fitted around the bed. It can be easily maintained, can be put on and off with ease.

  • Divan Base Wrap Valances 

Divan base wrap valance skirting could be the right type for the people who are fad up from ironing the awkward valances

Transform your windows choosing the best valances and skirting type

There is also a variety of valance and skirting for your windows. It covers the upper part of the window and hung so beautifully to enhance the look of your place. There are many types of these valances, from which you pick as you need for your space. They can be hung mostly with curtains, blinds, shutters or shades. If you install fancy valances, it offers an extreme polish to your desired look.

  • Ascot Valances

Silk and velvet are used to make these valances. These are designed to hang with curtains to add elegant and classy touch. These types of valances are adorned with fringe, tassels and other forms of decoration.

  • Stand-alone valances. 

These types of valances are perfect when dress windows with shades or blind. It is measured the same as sheer drapery.

  • Scarf Valances. 

It is regarded as easier valances to put up and is usually made with lightweight fabrics. This scarf valance consists of one piece of fabric which is draped across the top of the window. While the ends fall down the sides in the form of tails. 

Consider few points when shop valances & skirting

Color is the most important factor when choosing valances & skirting your curtains, table, bed or sofa. You should make a balance of light and dark hues to make your asset complementing. The most common color used for valances & skirting is white.  You can also try deep red, navy blue, or light grey to make your asset bolder.

Another important point beside color is the theme and pattern of valances & skirting.  Floral pattern is the popular theme to choose. Geometric shapes like chevron or diamonds, and classic patterns like stripes or plaid are also the best option to choose

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