Essential aspects of a floor plan

Modern day architecture and home buying processes have transformed by leaps and bounds. With the use of internet and available sources of information, people have become more aware of the prominent practices that prevail in the home buying process. Such property buying measures provided on websites like prove to be of great utility for the customers as well as for the developers. One such aspect is of floor plan. Today, it is of a vital importance and always thought of way before the construction procedure starts. Here are some of the important aspects of a proper and working floor plan.

Indication towards the north

It is a key and core aspect for the floor plan to include the direction north in its design. It can be demarcated with the use of an arrow pointing towards the direction or can also be assigned additionally with a letter N. Such directional indication will help people in understanding the view point of the property and even the interior designers will have much help in managing the light and colors with the existing band and combination of directions. Moreover, it can also help people in making their homes more efficient on movements in and out.


Another key implication is to have the layout simple, clean and understandable. This means that there shouldn’t be too much of details given, neither too many of demarcations should clutter the entire display. Plans should be kept in deep consideration with cleanliness and spaciousness and mute colors should be used on places where thing remain uncertain.

Thickness of walls

For any floor plan to be a success, the definition of wall thickness is really important. The lines should be indicative of the thickness and not just be marked with the thickness levels. Only this will provide a realistic view of things in the property. This will also play a key role in space management and strength determination of the entire building. 

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