Different types of gutter guards

Over the years, gutters have become a key part of the roofing system for homes in Huntsville, AL. Not just the gutter guards are important for the roofing systems but they also have a key role to play in the maintenance of the houses and health around the homes. As they usually become clogged after rainy and stormy seasons, they stop water flow, subsequently causing roof damages and pest infestations. This is where Gutter covers in Huntsville, Al become really important for people for preventing such damages. Here are the different types of gutter guards that are available.

Bottle brush

These are quite inexpensive brushes and have a different style of working from traditional covers and guards. Their fine network of bristles works to prevent the entry of leaves and dust into the duct passage. In fact, they entangle these elements within themselves and therefore make way for them to be easily recognized and removed whenever the cleaning process is being done.

Foam guards

These guards are again inserted directly into the gutters where it lets the water to flow down slowly but prevent other suspended material from entering the flow. They are actually made using porous polyurethane. These foam guards actually prevent the entry of bigger particles altogether from entering the gutter flow. However, they do require changing and replacement from time to time as they become stiffer with each season cycle.

Perforated metal

These guards are fitted under the shingles and work on to protect the gutters. They are very potent in keeping leaves and bigger particles like twigs, rotten fruits and wood parts away. However, they do allow some finer particles like those of dust, pollen, needles, seeds and pods to pass on and therefore, they always need to be coupled up with some other guarding features as well.

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