Different methods for cleaning air ducts

Air Conditioning is one of the prime and infrastructural demands in homes these days. They function on certain structural components that provide the way for the passage of air known as ducts. These ducts combined with the cooling and temperature management systems are known as HVACs. However, these ducts are one of the prime subjects of dust, grime and bacterial accumulations that deteriorate the air quality. People often visit duct cleaning sites like https://mrbairduct.com/ to understand the basic identifiers of the duct cleaning needs and make the necessary arrangements for it. Here are some of the different methods that are used for cleaning these ducts.

Source Removal

This is the process where the cleaning process is done largely mechanically. It basically consists of two elements, mechanical agitation and extraction. Now, because the debris and dust material tends to stick to the walls inside the air ducts, the process of mechanical agitation is the only one that can loosen it. Simultaneously, extraction helps in removing such loosen out dust material from the duct channel.

POC or Contact point cleaning

It is an effective and even safe method for the air vents and the ducts. The method utilizes a filtered vacuum by the name of HEPA and a spinning brush that helps in cleaning the ductwork. The suction created by the vacuum allows the debris to be lifted and removed across the ducts. The use of filters here prevents the debris material from cross contaminating the ducts.

Truck mounted

There are certain duct cleaning services and technicians that make use of a portable vacuum for cleaning the HVAC systems while certain others use vacuum cleaning systems mounted on trucks.  The method does quite an excellent job for removing the dirt and allergens. Such a method works for large undertakings, buildings and office premises by using vacuum suction to clean the ducts as a whole.

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