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If you originally bought your home because you loved it and it fulfilled all of your needs, but with an expanding family, it’s no longer big enough, you might think that your only option is to sell it and buy a bigger one. However, this isn’t always necessary, especially if you’re willing to invest in making it bigger by carrying out a home addition project, or remodeling it so that it better fits your needs. 

While a lot will depend on your budget and how much more space you need to create, below are 5 fantastic ways to turn your existing home, into a home for life:

  1. Get rid of some internal walls

Sometimes, a little rearranging of your existing floor plan is all it takes to give you a fresh perspective on your home, and add more livable space. Talk to a general contractor about what changes could feasibly be made to your homes floor plan, and with the removal of some internal walls, you could give yourself an open plan kitchen-diner or a utility room, for example.

  • Loft conversions

For many homeowners, the space at the top of the home is wasted, and could possibly be transformed into a light-filled space for one, or several members of the family to use. Think bedroom, hobby room, or teenage zone! Whatever you choose to turn your loft into, you could add a big chunk of livable space to your home.

  • Garage conversions

If you’re not currently using your garage for anything much, and don’t plan to, you could consider making it into a livable space to add room if your home is bursting at the seams. Whether it becomes a bedroom, office or games room, you could give other members of the family more space to chill out in and escape the hustle and bustle of the house!

  • Single-storey extension

Instead of moving to another part of town that you’re not familiar with simply to find more space for your family, why not have a single-storey extension built instead? Think carefully about what you plan to use the new space for, as this will almost certainly influence its shape, size and design. Talk to a general contractor about your ideas, and together you can come up with a budget friendly solution to increase the space in your home.

  • Double-storey extension

One great way of adding more floor space to the home you love, is with a double-storey extension. While a bigger project than a single-storey addition, this can really make your home fit your family, and can give you everything you need that buying a new home may not.

With any addition or remodeling project, because you’re in control, you can make sure that your forever home is exactly how you want it, and that it will fulfill your needs…well, forever!

To help turn your property into a home for life, schedule a free, non-obligatory consultation with a local general contractor and start creating the space you and your family deserve.

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