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The double wide manufactured homes are structured on two valves in the factory. After that, the manufacturer transports it to the site of the owner. Both wide areas here are equal in length. 

The double wide manufactured home belongs to the biggest category of manufactured homes. The purchase of double wide manufactured homes is common for first time home buyers, people who are looking for a second home option. 

However, if you don’t require a ton of space in your double wide manufactured home, you can put the cost on its decor and further upgrades. If you are going to make your decision for purchasing a double wide manufactured home, then follow the article up to its end. 

Difference Between Single And Double Wide

  • Floor Space 

The homebuyers have different concepts and needs for their manufactured home. The single wide measures from 400-1400 sqft which is 15 ft wide and 72 ft in length. But the double wide starts from 1100 sqft which may go up to 2400 sqft. Most of them are 26 ft wide and 56 ft in length. 

  • Mobility

This is the reason why people prefer mobile homes. That does not mean the single wide one is easier to move than the double wide. They both are movable easily using a trailer. However, for the double wide manufactured homes, you need to move into two sections. So, this is better to call a house mover. 

  • Cost

Nowadays, the manufactured homes are designed with so many customizable options that include porches, desks, architectural design, interior design, etc. The budget also varies depending upon the features you choose. However, the transportation cost of double wide is always more than the single wide one. 

What Are The Benefits?

Whether you are choosing a double wide manufactured home, you can enjoy the following benefits. 

  1. The factories built double wide manufactured homes under tight federation and strict rules. So, you can cut out the risk of cost overrun, halted construction, etc with the double wide manufactured homes. 
  2. You can enjoy flexibility in its composition through the custom build-up. Just like the exclusive modular homes, you can add porches, garages, decks, and even your favorite lawn. 
  3. The double wide manufactured home provides you with enough living space at a lower cost. The square foot cost for the double wide manufactured home is cheaper than the site-built one. 

The double wide manufactured homes are an affordable option for families with a large number of members. You can plan where to spend your vacation or for an overnight party. Still, confused about making your choice? Give us a ring immediately. 

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