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If you have a radiator at home and you want to change its look? The best way to do it to get it painted. You can do it yourself as well. you can make it a designer piece that spells out the artist in you, or you can simply blend it in with the other object and use colours like the background. It is up to you as to what you want the final look to be. we advise you to think well before you begin. If it is the room where everyone can see it. You can try out colouring each rod a different colour or having a special design. There are as many options as you can think of. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a unique style. This can be a DIY project for your free time. You can do it with your loved ones as it will be spending quality time together in a useful manner.

Here are a few tips that will make your project easy for you:

  • Select the special paint: once you have decided upon the look that you want for the final product, you have to decide the colours that you want to use. The paint that you use should be special such as the copper radiator paint, which is heat resistant. It does not get easily spoilt even after long use of the radiator.
  • Switch it off: make sure the radiator has been switched off long before you begin the work. A hot radiator may cause injury and the paint will not be uniform. It will develop cracks if you try to paint it hot. Let it get as cold as possible for the best results. Else paint will get all drippy and even fall on the floor.
  • Keep the room clean:Also keep the room well ventilated. Open all the doors and windows so that there is cross ventilation and air circulation. This will allow the paint to dry up faster and no fumes will be accumulated in the room. But a dry cloth and some papers under the radiator to keep the place clean once you are done. There can be spillage when you paint so make sure to keep absorbent paper also at hand.
  • Clean the radiator:you need to clean the surface of the radiator before painting. There will load of dust and it may also be greasy. Use soap solution to clean it and then followed by a dry cloth. You can use warm water if the dirt is stubborn as the radiators are generally hot when they are running, so the dirt gets hard. Leave it to dry. Then you can softly use sandpaper and make the surface even out. This will give the perfect finish.
  • Primer and paint: use a primer coat to give it a good base. This will allow the copper radiator paint to stay longer. Also, there will be an even finish. Remember to get the corners well so that there is no rusting on the edges later as well. then leave it to dry for a day and then paint.

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