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Throughout the history of architecture and construction, man has adapted to the environment and vice versa. The concept of family has changed, different types have emerged, and the needs are no longer the same. Cities squeeze each day in an unbridled process of growth and real estate speculation.

These and other factors led us, over time, to rethink housing, review priorities to optimize free time, generating loft style house (บ้าน สไตล์ ท์ which is the term in Thai) new housing, more integrated, more interactive.

The kitchen is no longer a kitchen; the living room is no longer a room, the bedroom is no longer a bedroom, the whole becomes one, the activities are no longer so conservative. Cooking has become a hobby, and watching a favorite show while cooking is already a habit.

Nowadays, it is very common to see integrated apartments, called lofts. They are usually presented as duplexes, with the bedroom on the mezzanine. When decorating their Loft, many people are in doubt about how to suit their personal preferences amidst so many options.

The recommended thing is to hire an architect or interior designer so that this professional can guide and help the client define the concept of the apartment, but let’s give some essential tips to help those who are thinking of building their Loft:

1. Think of the space as a whole, eliminating the idea of ​​a traditional residence, in which space was divided into rooms. In the Loft, the bedroom, kitchen, and living room are one unit. You can see the entire apartment from all sides.

2. Use a unique color play (neutral and soft). No more painting the room one color, wallpapering the living room, and tiling the kitchen. Good options: walls with gray paint or burnt cement, beige paint or pine wood panels, coverings in earth tones, such as exposed brick.

3. Highlight some items in the decor, using the splash of color in the chosen places or pieces, for example, in the painting on a wall in the dining or living room, on the colored sofa, or the paintings on the wall.

Find A New Home With Loft!

Inspired to decorate your home yourself? Imagine if it was a new apartment, a blank page for your creativity? Loft can help you find the ideal property to live in a pleasant environment.

Loft’s website offers apartments for sale for every moment of your life. All properties are delivered with a renovation option, which includes a simple painting to restructure the plant according to your requests.

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