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Upholstery fabric is used for adding style in furniture. It is an important element of furniture to complement it perfectly. It makes the furniture comfortable to use and gives a smooth and classy look to adjust the decoration of a room or home. When you think about buying upholstery fabric for your furniture, the first thing that comes to your mind is color. Color is the most important factor in selection of any type of fabric whether it is upholstery or piece of cloth. Pattern, texture and color must work with other upholstered things in your room. The more durable upholstery fabric, the more will be purchased. When you are going to buy upholstery, keep these points in your mind.


It is the most important factor for buying upholstery fabric. Color must work together with other upholstered things in the room so that it can adjust the decoration of the room. You must choose a color with which you can stay for a long time. You must avoid bold colors for a smaller room. Neutrals can be the best choice for every room. Avoid light colors, if you have kids and pets in your home. Try to consider cool colors to strike the right mood.


When you are going to upholster the furniture, which will experience daily heavy traffic then you have to consider durability. Determine the durability of the fabric by rubbing it twice, which mimics wear and tear by sitting on furniture. Then, treat it with stains, water or UV and determine the performance. Do not choose a lightweight fabric for upholstery instead choose a medium or heavy weight range fabric for home decor.  Fabrics have wide variety as wool, linen and silk for upholstery. If you have children and pets in your home, you should select woven instead of printed fabrics. Tightly woven threads can hold the fabric better and dense fabric can last longer. Microfiber or leather can withstand extra wear and tear.


Style depends upon the frame which you want to create in your room. It can be traditional or advanced. If you want to make a traditional frame in your room, you must have to select a traditional style fabric. If you want an adventure, then you must be an expert of merging to different things. If you can merge two styles better than go for it. It’ll give an original look to your space. For example if the pattern is of geometric design on the winged-back chair then it is an accent in itself. This print must connect to the other décor of the room. Some fabric appears casual while others look formal. Choose one of the most favorite styles and moods of decor in the room. Larger and bold styles and patterns might work in larger rooms while small patterns might work with smaller space.

Fade resistance

You must have to avoid buying a fabric, Color of which can fade easily. If the furniture has to be placed at a place where it’d be directly exposed to sunlight, then color will definitely fade. 

Mildew resistance

If you live in a humid area, then you have to consider the fabric with mildew resistance. So that fabric cannot be changed at short notice.


Macro fiber fabric can cause allergy to asthma patients because it attracts dust in itself. You must consider microfibers fabric for upholstery because it does not attract dust in itself and cause no allergy.

Pets special

You must not select the silk or any delicate fabric so that it cannot be damaged by the nails of the pet, which is sharing your couch or furniture. Use pet-friendly upholstery fabric.


When you think of buying upholstery fabric, first make your budget and then go to market. Choose a fabric with all the qualities you wish, and then make sure it is under your budget. Good quality upholstery fabric must be affordable. If it gets out of your budget then, you’d have to change your standards for buying fabric.

Fabric types must be kept under consideration so that you can select the best of them for comfort, Some are here.

Chenille-Comfortable andBetter for home usage.

Microfiber– Used for heavy traffic and pets.

Velvet– Luxurious and formal fabric can stand up with heavy traffic.

Tweed– Textured woven fabric can hide stains.

Leather– Great choice, mostly used in homes and offices.

Canvas– Printed fabric for pillows at home, used for moderate furniture.

Fibers– Luxurious textured and mostly used fabric as silk, nylon and wool.

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