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Bathroom renovation can be an exciting task. However, it might be costly, time-consuming and an overwhelming process. Hence, before you jump into picking the right products from Melbourne bathroom renovations, consider various factors that can make sure that the project stays on track and completes on time.

Budget: Setting a budget for bathroom renovations can help you guide as you make decisions on what to add and remove from your bathroom during remodelling. Once you figure it out, you can gain a clear idea on how much you can spend on tiles, fixtures and so on. This helps you allocate a budget for each add-on in your bathroom.

Time: Many people generally assume thatremodelling a small bathroomwould just take a few days or might consume less time than a larger one. This might be a wrong assumption. Depending on the changes you are making in the bathroom, the renovators will have to pretty much go through the same steps just as a larger bathroom. Hence, planning the time can be very important and necessary, especially for those who have one bathroom in the house.

Design Style and Functionality: When you start out, think about the look you might want for the bathroom. You can consider various factors like tile choices, paint, vanities, tubs, showers etc. the design should work hand-in-hand with functionality. Hence consider who might use the bathroom. If you plan to put up the house for resale, think for a moment on how the bathroom design can fit well with the rest of the house.

Plumbing Features and Fixtures: No renovation can be complete without repairing and remodelling the features and fixtures. Consider replacing the toilet, bathtub, shower, bidet, sink, showerheads and faucets. Other than this, consider repairing the shower doors and mirrors. You can change the look of the bathroom easily by changing the door handles, hardware for shower doors and drawer pulls. If you have a higher budget, you can add a new set of shower doors that can completely change the look of your bathroom.

Storage, Shelving and Cabinets: Adding shelving, storing and cabinets can be a tricky problem in most cases. If your bathroom is small and has an irregular shape, it can be trickier. The bathroom needs to be more functional and should be able to accommodate all your stuff easily. Hence, you have to add shelving, storage and cabinets neatly in the space available without making it look cramped. In the end, the add on should look stylish.

Walls and Flooring: Any material can be virtually used on surface walls and floors in the bathroom as long as they are waterproof naturally or by giving such a finish. Depending on the style and budget you have in Melbourne for bathroom renovations, you can add marble, ceramic and granite tiles to make highly durable and good flooring and wall surfaces for baths. You can also consider cement (stained or painted), sheet vinyl tiles that are inexpensive to look better than it used to before. Whatever the choice is, always have key criteria before you choose the bathroom flooring – slip resistance and durability. Communicate your ideas across to bathroom renovators along with the budget you have in mind. This helps them plan well and design the bathroom of your dreams. 

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