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Once you know what the purpose of your room or condo in charan area (คอนโด ย่าน จรัญ ,which is the term in Thai) will be and have a sense of the space you have to use, you can start thinking about the decor of your home’s living room and list everything you want to use. There are several ways to make the environment more pleasant and beautiful, and we will list some of them below:

  • Define the color of the walls: No color cannot be used in the living room decoration; there are tips for using them correctly. For those who want smooth and neutral walls, the best colors are gray and light beige; they leave the main scene for furniture and objects.

But, if you like darker colors, you can use them without fear, however, with the correct dosage. A living room with one of the walls in navy blue, for example, looks beautiful as long as you create a composition that does not make the room heavy. Investing in a light sofa and the other rooms with neutral colors, and only one of the darks is also a beautiful composition option.

  • Bet on posters and pictures: In addition to the colors, you can also give life and highlight the living room through pictures and posters. Here it is at the discretion of your style; it is worth investing in comics that have to do with your tastes, animated posters, or else sublime and classic paintings that harmonize with the rest of the environment.
  • Pillows: They are mandatory for those who want a warm and comfortable environment, and here it is time for you to add color to the room if you have not done so with the furniture and wall colors. The pillows allow us to transmit a little of our personality and make us more comfortable; that’s why they are so “loved” by everyone sitting on the couch.
  • Carpets: They warm the environment and also make the living room decor much more beautiful and charming. You can also take the opportunity to choose between fun models to make the tone more relaxed or the elegant and plush ones that add refinement to the room. If you have any questions when choosing yours, access this post with tips on the ideal rug.
  • Spread flowers and foliage in the room: This is a way to add life to the environment. Whether with succulents, foliage, flowers, or vertical gardens, placing vases around the room is a way to decorate the space and bring nature into the house. We’ve already talked about the conservatory here and here about plant decoration; it’s worth looking at.
  • Niches and shelves: These items can have several functions in the decoration of the living room; if the space is small, you can use niches or shelves to verticalize the decoration and take advantage of the wall space. Now, if your room is large and you love exhibiting collections and souvenirs, they will make all the difference in the decor.

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