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Styling and decoration are always in the process of innovations. Thanks to technology, people can make their life more beautiful and comfortable. Everything has changed. Our stoves are not the same as before they have turned into a more attractive and useful piece of cooking. Coming towards flooring ceramic got old and now wooden, and vinyl floors have taken their place. Carpets have also evolved much from past up till now. In history, you can only go for hand woven and natural rugs – but now there is a wide range of synthetic carpets gaining popularity.

Synthetic Carpets are made of different materials; the materials mainly confirm the quality of rugs and their durability. There are lots of types of synthetic carpet available in the market among them the most popular choice is Nylon.

Nylon is known as the most sustainable and robust material. It was initially used in women stockings, and now we find fishing line strings, racket wires and toothbrushes made of nylon Fibers. It is also loved as a carpet fiber due to its beautiful features. Nylon fiber carpets are the most used synthetic carpets in homes. Nylon carpets guarantee you long life durability and sometimes with proper care it proves to be right literally. Everything has its share of drawbacks, and these carpets also do. Here are the pros and cons of nylon carpets that might help you in buying it for your home.


  • Strength and Elasticity: Nylon strength makes it durable for a long time. It is an excellent choice for heavy foot traffic places. Install it in living rooms stairs or corridors; the fibers might crush and press but then bounce back immediately after it. A house with kids makes it their first choice. After prolonged rough use, it comes back to its original place easily.
  • Durability: The elasticity and strength are the key features to ensure its durability and long life span. It might stand any wear and tear that occurs in daily life.
  • Stain-resistant: Nylon is an excellent stain-resistant material. Heavy foot traffic means more chances of stains and damages. Don’t worry if kids have spilled food on it or guests left some drinks to mark nothing is going to stay forever. By following small and easy tips, you can clean it up in no minutes. All that is left will be clean and new Nylon Carpets. Solution-dyed Nylon is naturally stain resistant; they don’t let the color of stains attach on fibers, so they don’t affect carpet beauty.
  • Weather Resistance: Not all types of carpets are weather resistant. Many can be damaged by mold and mildew. Nylon rugs are great in any climatic changes and damages. These are much used as outdoor carpets because fibers can easily resist UV light damage from continuous sun rays interaction.
  • Easy Cleaning: Stylish carpets sometimes need more time in cleaning and maintenance, but thanks to Nylon, they are easy to clean and maintain. A regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning gives your carpet a boost living and fresh looks every time. Stains don’t stay long, and DIY tips can help to remove any if left.


  • Higher Cost: There is no doubt, Nylon provides us with lots of benefits, but all these features come with a price. Nylon rugs are the most expensive type of carpets under the synthetic carpets category.
  • Not a soft option: Carpets are also known for their soft feel, but Nylon is not as soft as other carpets. So if you are looking for something softer Nylon might not be your cup of tea.
  • Non-breathing: Like other carpets, Nylon does not provide air filtration indoor or outdoor. So your carpet might be cold in winter and warm in summers. 
  • Static flooring: Nylon is not a good option for those who are sensitive to static electricity. Sometimes nylon strands product static electricity in dry seasons.


Generally, nylon durability and resilience make it an excellent choice for your place, and the perks have outnumbered its cons. High cost is not a problem when carpet remains new for long years. Try to be more careful while purchasing carpets – you may easily avoid cons and enjoy its best.

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