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Mobile home has come a long way from being known as trailer home or a caravan. It has evolved into a lifestyle where homes’ mobility provides a luxurious touch to all the necessities and still be affordable. The best mobile home living has a similar origin as travel trailers. But in the course of evolution, it has parted ways in terms of design and usage. Today the mobile homes are primarily used as housing to shrink the expenses and still live-in style. The history of such housing goes back to the 1950s with 10 feet width homes

Why Going Mobile Home Living Is In Your Interest!

It is an appealing prospect to afford and have the freedom of lugging around anywhere in the country, a reason why most mobile homeowners are between the age of 18 and 29. The next highest community set is the retired free men and women of the age 50 to 59. These are some benefits of having the best mobile home living experience.

Customizable Space

Tiny homes are the way of the 21st Century, as it provides owners to manufacture their dream home and comfort without needing to waste extra space. With the flexibility of designing, it can also be built in a shorter amount of time when compared to buildings.

A Community

Owning to shared walls in apartments’ privacy is hard to find. And an individual home is a heavy burden to take on financially. So, the solution to that is Mobile Home living. Here you have your own space and a community to share, as most stay on lands loaned by Mobile estate communities.


There is still the stigma of mobile housing being a choice of poverty, but it is no more the case as 57% of households have employed full time. Nevertheless, it is much lighter on your pockets, even with modernized amenities. By opting for the best mobile home living comforts, you are free to invest your money in things that truly matter to you, like education, traveling, and so on.

Eco-Luxe Living

Manufacturers build mobile homes with the thought of economic use of resources and energy that interests the owners. So, the luxe mobile home could also be an eco-friendly choice.    

The best mobile home living bonanza can come from choosing the correct residence for community estate. A great choice would be South Carolina, as 19% of homes are mobile homes. Here are the cities in Kent County, Michigan, for you to select from:

  • Cedar Spring
  • Kentwood
  • Rockford
  • Wyoming
  • Grand Rapids

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