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Renting dumpsters isn’t something that most people do very often. Usually, people turn to these services after completing extensive construction or home renovation processes. Once their homes or commercial spaces are full of debris, dirt, and junk, they realize they need professional cleaning assistance. However, contacting providers of dumpster rental services without preparation is a huge mistake. There are some basic terminologies and concepts that all customers must understand before they link up with professional waste management experts. If you’re planning to renovate your home or construct/demolish a building, you’ll need professional dumpster rental services. Here’s a guide to speaking with waste management experts. 

Permits and Product Categories

Before getting Scottsdale, AZ Dumpster Rental services, you’ll need dumpster rental permits from your local municipal office. Dumpsters are large waste containment items that take up a lot of space. So, getting a rental permit beforehand is vital. Property owners typically don’t have much trouble getting rental permits. But people who are not the owners of the proposed location for storing the dumpsters are required to apply for permits months in advance. An important product category that customers must know is ‘C and D’ or “Construction and Demolition.” C and D dumpsters are designed to store wastes generated in construction projects (concrete, bricks, stones, and other heavy materials). Make sure to pick the right type of dumpster. 

Dumpster Rental Fees 

After getting Dumpster Rentals in Orlando, customers have to pay different types of fees. Hauling fees are charged for basic pickup services offered by the provider. Dumping fees are additional expenses that the providers charge for dumping the waste inside the containers at landfills or waste management centers. If the waste generated at your construction site consists of both recyclable and non-recyclable goods, your dumpster providers will have to work harder to sort and properly dump those items. So, expect to be charged higher rates for eliminating mixed loads.

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