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5. Kumasi

Kumasi is a large city since it is also the capital city of the Ashanti Region which is located in southern Ghana. This region is well-known as a stronghold for Ashanti culture. Many people visit the open-air Kejetia Market which is a large market where a very wide range of products can be purchased. There are frequent dancing performances and craft workshops which are hosted by the National Cultural Centre. People also visit the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum. This is where people will find some of the ceremonial clothing which belongs to the Ashanti king. There is also jewelry displays. A house will cost US$90,000 for a quick cash sale.

4. Oyibi

One of the places which are popular among locals and visitors is the Makola market. There is a large selection of locally manufactured souvenirs. When you’re shopping is completed you can go to one of the popular beaches in the region. People also visit Kwame Nkruma Memorial which can help people to learn a lot about our local history, the traditions and culture. Other popular attractions are no less than two botanical Gardens which also is popular among visitors. Houses can be purchased for cash for US$85,000.

3. Ayi Mensah

This is simply a town which is located in the Ga East Municipal District. This is part of the Greater Accra Region. There are 29 districts which are part of the Greater Accra Region and Ga East Municipal District is one of them and within this district you will find Ayi Mensah. They are many opportunities for shopping and entertainment law in the area as well as several restaurants and bars. There are also several beautiful parks which is popular among children. A house in Ayi Mensah can cost US$70,000.

2. Abokobi

Even though this is a relatively small town it is still the capital of Ga East Municipal District which itself is part of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Missionaries belonging to the Basler Missionsgesellschaft have founded this settlement in 1854. It was originally intended to be used for Christian refugees. These refugees were people who had left Osu after a bombardment by the British colonial government. This attack was because people refused to pay the newly introduced head tax. This area has a long and interesting history as well as many traditions and a culture which is unique to this region. Houses in this area can be purchased for US$62,000.


This is a little town in La Nkwantanang which itself is a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. One of the most popular attractions is Makola Market where a variety of souvenirs and gifts can be purchased. Kwame Nkruma Memorial is just as popular because it helps people to learn about the local history and for those who like the beach there is Kokrobite Beach which is very popular among locals and visitors. There are many tours which will help people to explore the surrounding area and also to learn more about the history, traditions and culture of this country. Houses in this area can cost US$58,000.

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