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When trying to decorate a girl’s room, these will help decorate the room.


Without a doubt, the most typical, easy and fast. As we have mentioned before, the Montessori method advises using neutral colors, so we recommend white walls (and more for those who are averse to risk!).

If, on the other hand, you are one of the brave ones, many color options respect the principles of the Montessori method, and that will give the room more personality. We leave you some examples!


A simple but original paper can be what your daughter needs to give a different touch to her room and make her feel even more comfortable. To do this, we propose some options with which it is impossible to fail and that you will love.

Additional Montessori Method Tip

To enhance curiosity, creativity, and the ability to observe, it is recommended to incorporate mirrors and sheets on the walls. Always at eye level! They will interact with them and observe not only the pictures but themselves.


It is essential to have a quality bed to get the best rest for girls. However, according to the Montessori method’s principles, we must forget about the traditional, high mattresses with bars that increase the dependency of girls on adults. We must have low beds to promote their independence. Also, thanks to the low height, there are no risks in case they fall.

Shelves and Cabinets

We must make them participate in all the daily tasks. It is not apparent when they are little, but they can be entrusted with such simple tasks as tidying their rooms. This will give them greater independence. For this, we must put the necessary tools to allow them to do so: with furniture adapted to their height so that they can reach everything on their own. In this way, we will enhance their self-sufficiency: they can freely choose what to play with and have the mission of ordering it later.

Mirrors, Pictures, And Drawings

As we have said, all these elements enhance your creativity. Furthermore, mirrors make them self-aware and accustomed to their reflection while playing.


They will increase the warmth of the room. Washable ones are recommended. You can also add coir mats in the room


Everything, in measure. The Montessori method recommends activities and toys adapted to the age of each child. Toys, like rooms, must evolve with them.

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