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A move cannot be improvised and requires a rigorous selection of the company that will handle, transport and unload your goods. gives you ten tips to follow before, during and after your move.

A move causes as much stress as an assault. Many clients lose all their means in front of movers with impressive stature, or, pressed for time, botch the drafting of reception forms of their furniture “. And he knows what he is talking about since he runs the brokerage firm, an insurer for movers, with his sister. His advice is brief: choose your mover carefully so as not to overpay him: the difference between a good and a bad professional can lead to an additional cost of 20%. “And avoid a few unpleasant surprises when unpacking!

Choose the right date

Movers are in great demand during school holidays and at the end of the month, when leases expire. The ideal is to get a quote two months before the date and book the business one month before the D-day. Also avoid Fridays: you and them will be in an even greater hurry to get it over with at the risk of going too fast. The moving companies denver are the best options for you now.

Insist on a sales representative’s home visit

  • Nothing like a face-to-face meeting with a salesperson to gauge the seriousness of entrepreneurs.
  • This visit will allow him to get an idea of ​​the scope of the task that awaits him. And you can test his quote. Do not let him leave without having collected his business card, to check if he is an employee of the company contacted or if he works as a multi-card. 

Check that your move will be carried out by a single service provider

Also make sure that the company he represents has its own vehicles, their number, if they are insured and if they are indeed heavy goods vehicles. Because as the option reminds us, a lot of damage is due to the overweight of the cargo transported.

Don’t be rough about the cubage

This is the estimate of the volume to be transported and the number of boxes that the mover will have to provide you. Not to mention scotch, bull-pack, covers for your furniture and labels. Ask for packages with a double bottom, tough tape, and really sticky labels. Cubing errors are very rare, but they are the responsibility of the company. During the visit, you will also have pointed out what is most precious and fragile. Your contract will be accompanied by a consignment note and a declaration of value. On the latter, you must be as precise as possible about the nature and value of the goods transported, in particular the most valuable. The mover must provide you with insurance. Define with him the maximum compensable per insured object and per claim.

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