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What is the difference between HVAC and Air Conditioning?

When it comes to the air-conditioning industry, the term HVAC is often used instead of the term AC. HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, and AC refers to simple Air Conditioning. Ac is generally something that you use in the home to cool down the temperatures. The HVAC usually involves heating pumps and also gas furnaces, which is not seen in ACs. This shows that HVAC systems are used for both heatings and even cooling.

What is difference between HVAC and AC?

Air Conditioners:

There are primarily two types of Air Conditioners – one is the window air conditioner and the central air conditioner. Window ACs are used to cool a single room and are less powerful compared to the central AC. The central AC has the ability to cool down the entire house and is regulated to cooled air in many ways. Air conditioners can be worked together with heaters to provide heat in the winter and coolness in the summer.

  • Window Unit: This is one of the most common types of air conditioners. It can be seen in many sizes and can cool a range of a small room to a large one. It is the more cost-effective option and can give you some relief from the heat, but it tends to damage your window frame. It is also tough to regulate the temperature of the window AC.
  • Split Unit: These air conditions cover a large area, ie. It can cool an entire house. They are much bigger compared to the window AC and are small than the HVAC system. They are not as efficient as the HVAC system but is much better than the window air conditioner.

HVAC System

A full HVAC system, which can be bought from HVAC in Roswell, will have central heating, and this is done by the heat pump. The heat pump is able to provide both heating and cooling. The heat pumps usually come in two packages – which is the packaged or split unit. If the system is a split system, then the evaporator coil is usually in the house, and the other parts of the companies are left outdoors.

The HVAC system, which can be attained from HVAC in Roswell, will also contain a gas furnace to heat the homes. These furnaces make use of fuel in order to create hear and are installed in places like the basement and crawl spaces. They are more commonly used in places where the colder weather is more prominent.

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