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Part of an intricate community plan, having a reliable public water supply network is beneficial — after all this elaborate network includes water treatment and storage facilities and a pipe network that distributes water to customers, which range from residential to commercial to industrial. As it is susceptible to damage, every now and then, municipal pipe repair, Houston, Texas is needed.

Using traditional methods, workers would need to get rid of whatever is covering the damaged pipe. And worse, if it’s located underground, the whole system might even need to be shut down. The tedious process further involved digging and removing the pipe before it can be replaced by a new one.

With the advancement of technology, other alternatives have emerged — and the most popular of which is the cured-in-place pipe or CIPP technology. In this method, contractors insert a new pipe within the old pipe, essentially removing the disruptive processes that the traditional re-piping demands. Below are seven ways how municipal water systems can benefit from this technology.

It repairs a wide array of pipe damage. CIPP repair is a rather flexible method of fixing a wide range of pipe damage. Whether you’re prompted to replace a whole pipe or just a section of it, this method can do the job effectively — without worrying about tricky, multiple angles or bends.

It is more efficient. If you ask any expert in municipal pipe repair, Houston, Texas, CIPP technology is the more efficient choice when it comes to fixing damaged pipes. It only involves the insertion of a tube coated with the repair material and then of a balloon-like material to hold the tube against the pipe, and the deflation and removal of the latter. It does not require “chaotic” procedures like digging and excavation.

It is quicker to complete. With the advantage said above, your damaged pipe will be repaired in a quicker manner. This way you will be able to return to your normal everyday life more quickly, compared to traditional repair methods which can take a few days.

It offers an affordable alternative. As CIPP technology removes the need for labor-intensive processes, it is regarded as a much economical alternative to the costly traditional replacement method. And as it also removes the need for digging — which destroys surrounding landscape — you will also avoid the need for hiring restorative landscaping services.

It requires minimal disruption. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment used to repair and replace pipes, CIPP repair is generally minimally disruptive — to your property as well as to your routine. And with the long-lasting new pipe it provides, it will take quite a long time before you’d need some repairing again.

It is generally safer. As mentioned, CIPPY repair helps you avoid incurring damage to structures, sidewalks, streets, landscape, walls, and floors. With this minimal disruption— coupled with a shorter span of completion period — you are creating a safer environment for you and the workers who are doing the municipal pipe repair, Houston, Texas.

It is environmentally friendly. CIPP repair is also safer for the environment — it removes the need for harsh chemicals that the traditional method requires to fix damaged pipes. The elimination of damaging excavation also leaves the surrounding environment safe.

At Advanced Pipe Repair, our team of experts uses the latest technologies and advanced lining systems and materials for municipal pipe repair, Houston, Texas. If your collection system shows signs of age and failure, contact us today.

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