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Stairs can considerably improve the look and feel of your home by adding more space and by being more visually pleasing. You can knock out walls that make hallways look smaller and add banisters with wood in place the wall covering your stairs. You can even design stairs with storage space or even a small work area under the stairs. All this can be achieved using simple staircase design methods.

Below we have created a list of frequently asked questions about staircase design and fitting that should help you understand just how simple it is to renovate your staircase.

What Type of Staircase Should You Choose?

The type of staircase you choose is going to depend on the space you have where your existing stairs are currently situated. You will need to take measurements or have a staircase engineer comes and take the measurements for you. As for the choice of staircase, the most popular staircases today are made from wood. However, you do have other options available to you such as spiral staircases, metal, and concrete if this is what fits for your property.

Can I Design My Own Staircases?

You can design your own stairs without the need to hire an architect. You do not even need to do any research to achieve this. For example, if you look at the Mr Stairs staircase design tool which is a 3D staircase builder application, you can follow the steps that you need to take that will eventually take you to a final page where you can order the staircase to be manufactured, delivered, and fitted. 

This way you will have made to measure stairs. Now if you used a company like Mr Stairs, then you would also get a full support service. This includes repairs and replacement parts. 

Would It Be Possible For Me To Fit the Stairs Myself?

As long as you are confident DIY master, and we mean ‘do it yourself’ and not ‘destroy it yourself’, then you can have stairs manufactured and delivered to your home within the space of just one week if you choose the right staircase manufacturing business. 

If you are not a DIY expert, then you are probably better off hiring someone to fit the stairs for you. The company you order your made to measure stairs from should be able to offer a fitting service or suggest a local contractor that has worked with the manufacturer before. 

How About Bulk Industrial Scale Orders?

For the benefit of those reading this article out of interest and happen to work within the construction industry, we have added in this question. As you may have already gathered from our example of Mr Stairs staircase design, there is a 3D design tool that will walk you through the process of ordering stairs. You can fit in any style of staircase you need into the application and then finally end up at the stage where all you need to do is enter the measurements. 

Now as long as you are sure you have the correct measurements and style; you can then go ahead and make multiple orders in bulk. This service is available across the UK and Mt Stairs will make the delivery via one of its own delivery vans. All your company would have to do is sit back and wait for the staircase parts to arrive. You can then have your construction workers get to work and fit the stairs when the property is ready for the staircase installation.

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